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Re: [opensuse-project] openSUSE Conference 2011: program commitee meeting #1

The program committee for the openSUSE Conference 2011 held its
first meeting today, on #opensuse-project.

The team consists of the following:
* Vincent Untz
* Bryen Yunashko
* Alan Clark
* Jos Poortvliet
* Will Stephenson
* Pascal Bleser
I added myself to the list on the wiki, hoping I may still be accepted.
Sorry, I know I am late,

Everyone was present, except Will who couldn't attend at that
time of day.
and again sorry for not attending this time.

The discussion around the theme of the conference revolved
around two aspects:
* the motto (or tag line) of the conference, with two proposals
currently floating around:
* "Collaboration across borders" (same as 2010)
* "rwxrwxrwx" (openSUSE: read, write, execute, for you, the
project, and the world)

Nevertheless, the openSUSE Conference in 2010 was felt as not
making up enough time for topics that are specific to our
project. As such, we agree that the focus needs to be shifted a
bit more towards openSUSE itself.

The team agreed on the following:
* the motto is not critical right now, and may still be decided
upon later,
hmm, I would have objected to this in the meeting. The child needs
a name, so please we shouldn't hesitate too long.

* for sessions on collaboration, we will reach out to projects
and people who work on things that have a direct connection with
what we do
hmm, not sure if I understand this correctly. I thought it would be
great to collaborate also with completely different stuff than ours if
it makes sense, think "openSUSE - more than a product". This sounds
limiting, but I believe its not really meant that way. I read it "focus",

Andreas Jaeger is currently actively seeking options in the area
of N├╝rnberg in Germany, and we hope to have a solution very
I guess more people than Andreas are involved already.

The venue will have to have at least 5 distinct rooms (of which
one will be used by the SUSE Labs conference) to provide
sufficient capacity for the attendees, as well as enough
flexibility to organize the schedule.
Its not that easy, so it might be that we also have to be flexible
somehow with our ideas.

The cfp@xxxxxxxxxxxx mailing-list will be used again to contact
the program committee as well as to submit proposals after the
publication of the CfP (unless we come up with a better solution
in the mean time.) Bryen will contact Henne (our mailing-list
admin) to configure the mailing-list for the program committee
for 2011.

We also agreed on using Indico [1] again, mostly because it is
already in place.

I volunteer to update and refresh it.



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