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Re: [opensuse-project] Re: Balsam Professional & Balsam Enterprise
Am 23.04.2011 19:41, schrieb Jim Henderson:
That's an interesting point, Kim. Thinking back on the strategy
discussions, one of the proposed strategies was that openSUSE become a
base for derivatives.

So if that is the project's intent, then Balsam becomes a natural
progression and at least from a product standpoint, that's actually
something we see (or saw) as desirable.

I still would like to understand better why the community site was setup
largely out of view of the openSUSE community, but even in that view, it
makes some sense to me as well; a derivative of the distro might
necessarily have its own community that is a derivative of the openSUSE
community as well.
Afaik the was a pure german site, which gaves support to the german speakers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Nevertheless, it doesn´t make sense to me to create an own community for a product, that´s almost the same as openSUSE.

Now, I can understand it because they want to create products, that based on openSUSE/SUSE-technology.

As I created my own derivate, I created also a homepage, a wiki and a forum to give support for the product. But I also linked often to the openSUSE-project and said, that the best support is given their.

I think the only point why open-slx is doing that is to give their new child some kind of infrastructure. I mean, it´s better for a corporation to show, that they own the support-channels they offers.
When I install an openSUSE system, I want to have support from the project or from Novell, as the main sponsor of the project.
When I install Fedora I want the same from the fedora community and Red Hat
When I install Ubuntu I want the same from Canonical
When i install Debian I want the same from the debian-project.

So, for the consumers it looks more serious when the company, where you the system, offers their own support solutions instead of linking to the openSUSE-project.

Why using a "copy" when you can use the original. That´s the first thought of many not so savvy people who came in contact with Linux and the whole FOSS-world.

nice evening

Kim Leyendecker (kimleyendecker@xxxxxxxxxx)
openSUSE Ambassador / openSUSE Wiki Team DE
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