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Re: [opensuse-project] Balsam Professional & Balsam Enterprise
Am 22.04.2011 20:10, schrieb Sebastian Kügler:
Hi Kim,

On Friday, April 22, 2011 18:11:43 Kim Leyendecker wrote:
> thanks, so we don´t support Balsam, that´s the answer of my question.
> Well, this thread is solved and I think, we don´t need to talk about how
> Balsam harms Novell business, and can continue working on our projects.
It is important to think about two aspects, before taking such a decision.

First, what does it mean to not support Balsam? Is this about Balsam
Enterprise, or Professional, and in which way support it? What mandate do, or
anyone who takes such a decision? Can you tell others to do or not do
something like this? It's fine as a personal choice, of course, but as you
talk of we, you'll also need to define what this means, for whom.

Second, there the exclusivity issue. By not supporting Balsam, you disallow a
company that invests into openSUSE to not take part in the community. This
makes openSUSE as a project very unattractive to anyone who wants to do
business with it (and potentially invest into it), and who is not Novell or
Attachmate. Instead of making the future of the project safer, you are closing
the projects to others, and you're increasing the dependency on one company.
If you want to spread the risk, it is important to encourage companies that
invest into openSUSE, and not just pick one exclusively.
With "We" I mean the people who take part of this discussion and belong to the the openSUSE project. As an example Pascal and Greg.

Of course it´s free to everyone to support Balsam. That´s not in my hand and is your personal choice.

Kim Leyendecker (kimleyendecker@xxxxxxxxxx)
openSUSE Ambassador / openSUSE Wiki Team DE
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