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Re: [opensuse-project] Balsam Professional & Balsam Enterprise
Am 22.04.2011 14:21, schrieb Markus Slopianka:
Dude, it's called competitive market. Business is not a charity.
Novell chose to bet a large part of its business on GPL software and it's
legally as well as morally OK for a competitor to take the sources, repackage
them, and
sell services cheaper.

Ironically, what you condemn is also done by Novell: Novell also sells support
for RHEL in a move "to hurt Red Hat by taking revenue from Red Hat".

I agree with you 100% but Pascal mean it as an answer of my qustion: Will we support Balsam? And from his point of view, we won´t because it hurts Novell´s business.

Normaly, it´s not my problem when a company´s business gets hurt, but in this case, the company is our main sponsor and the employer of some openSUSE-developers (well, some? A lot...)

So, I´m interested in Novell getting successfully because this is the only way to keep them sponsoring us. Your right. It´s Business, not charity. And do you know what happens when they feel that SUSE/openSUSE doesn´t work for Novell´s business? Yeah, right, the will sell it or just say: Okay fiends, we had a great time together, but Novell have to make money. Don´t be angry with us... but openSUSE is history!

So, his arguments are from the openSUSE-side totaly accepted. I´m not the only one who wants an "openSLES" but the only reason why I not try to create one is the fact, that it would hurt Novell´s and SUSE´s business.

By the way: Novell offers support for RHEL? WTF?!

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