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Re: [opensuse-project] GNOME3 now ready?
On Fri, 2011-04-22 at 02:14 +0200, Markus Slopianka wrote:
I find GNOME Shell pretty stable and rather OK for daily use (I didn't test
any GNOME 3.x
What I don't like, though, it GNOME 3.0's dependencies on not-so-ready
E.g. it requires NetworkManager 0.9 which according to NM's website hasn't
even officially
released yet (not even as beta) <>.
NM 0.9 also breaks everything that has not been ported to it yet.

It's not as a bad as it looks :) NM has an outdated website... the
currently shipped NM in GNOME:STABLE:3.0 is the latest / best available
at the time, which was tagged as 0.9.0-rc1. So there we are clearly past
beta already.

About apps not being ported: this is a known problem. A good bunch has
been ported (not that much changed.. From what I ported myself, it was
mostly old deprecated features that were finally dropped.. marked
deprecated in 0.7 for example.

Thus the "ready" part is relative. It's definitely not ready for any KDE
person who wants
to give G3 a try because vital KDE components are left in a broken state
I've also read that G3 on openSUSE also installs some other 'ati' drivers
instead of the tested classic ones) which may result in unforeseen
consequences for Radeon

Well, we said GNOME3 was ready.. not KDE running alongside with GNOME3.
The wiki page also states that especially kdenetworkmanager is known to
not work and caution is in order.

As for the graphic driver: you do need 3d accelerated capabilities.

So despite of the readiness of G3, I'd suggest to add a disclaimer for it's

The wiki page [0], which guides you through the installation, says:
Known issues
* GNOME Shell requires 3D (openGL) support which is not currently
stable enough in VirtualBox or VMWare. We recommend you disable
3D support in those environment and use GNOME 3 Fallback mode
instead (it will be selected automatically).
* NetworkManager 0.9, required by GNOME 3, has currently the
following issues :
* KDE 4 will not correctly detect network availability :
you might want to switch to "traditional method with
ifup" in Yast network settings, or use nm-applet (from
NetworkManager-gnome package) in KDE. This issue will be
fixed in next openSUSE release
* Editing and enabling WPA-Entreprise wifi networks is not
available from GNOME Shell network extension or GNOME
Control Center network panel. This issue will be fixed
* novellvpn support is not available : this issue is under
* root password is asked when configuring WEP/WPA account
* autologin configuration in User Account panel is incorrect. Un
til this bug is fixed, use Yast (User and Group Management /
Expert Options / Login settings / Autologin)
* root password is asked when package repository are being updated
to check for security updates.

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