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Re: [opensuse-project] Balsam Professional & Balsam Enterprise
Hi Kim, others,

Quick intro: I'm sebas, I work for open-slx as UX lead, these days almost
exclusively on Plasma Active. I'm mostly an upstream KDE hacker, and also do
some organisational work for KDE as well (release team, board of directors,

On Wednesday, April 20, 2011 21:20:52 Kim Leyendecker wrote:
Am 20.04.2011 20:51, schrieb Wolfgang Rosenauer:
Am 20.04.2011 20:15, schrieb Pascal Bleser:
On 2011-04-20 19:16:43 (+0200), Kim
Leyendecker<kimleyendecker@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote: [...]

The two Balsam products would realize this missed "feature". Are we
support these guys at open-SLX who are creating this distro?

First thing I have to say. I liked (and still like) the idea that
openSUSE still can be ordered as a product so in general I found it a
good thing that open-slx took over.

Thanks =)

3) there has not been any request for permission to use the

openSUSE trademarks for this derivative work

According to
ional.html (german language) the reason for renaming the product was
partly because of the openSUSE trademark.

Yes, exactly. The trademark guidelines are very clear in what you can use
openSUSE for, and under which conditions you have to change the name. I
welcome these clear guidelines, personally. It's a good idea and an important
communication tool if you want to draw a clear line between community and
corporate interest.

As we are going some new ways with our product Balsam, which is /based on
openSUSE/, we needed to define our own identity. Also, being dependent,
trademark-wise from another company or organisation is generally not a good
idea for the continuity of your business. The step is quite logical, IMO.

So, there isn´t any collaboration on this products between
openSUSE/Novell and open-slx as I understood it right.

There's actually a lot of collaboration, it's happening on OBS, in the
opensuse-kde team, and on the #opensuse-kde, #plasma and #active IRC
channels. Hop by if you would like to learn more :)

I think I have to
ask at open-slx and Novell as well to beeing sure, because I actually
wanted to blog about it and creating an article for news.o.o.

If you want to blog about it, I can provide you information if you have
questions. Just send me an email about that.

Well, I don´t know who is not working together with us or not, and I
think we shouldn´t discuss it here on the list. So, thanks for you
answers guys.

I much rather concentrate on the areas where we are working together, assuming
that we do have different focuses, which is of course fine. From my point of
view, the collaboration is actually quite good. I've experienced excellent
atmosphere and productivity especially within the opensuse-kde team. Whatever
is going on here on -project, I tend to ignore mostly as the signal to noise
to usefulness ratio is very limited, unfortunately, and my work is much more

We're working on Plasma Active in the KDE:Active OBS repo. Also, I've seen
quite some people already installing openSUSE because of Plasma Active. Mostly
developers at this point, but it starts growing the community already.

With Plasma Active, we're creating a new user experiene for devices such as
tablet PC's, media center, and others, you can find more info on

A short video of it is here:

(Yes, this is running on openSUSE :-))

A side note for the open-slx readers, if you felt touched:

No harm done :)

Please, if you want to work together with openSUSE let us know. We have
a great community manager and a great programm manager who do great work
for people who starting contribute to the community.

Jos is actually a friend of mine, when he's not hanging out in Brazil, he
lives about an hour by train from here =)

We actually are working together really well, just not on every level, and
that is fine. With more companies than Novell, Attachmate alone getting
involved in openSUSE (which is a good thing, as it grows the community and
makes it more stable also on a corporate level), there need to be clear
boundaries between direct contributions. We contribute a lot on the code
level, my colleague Rupert is on the opensuse board, and our code output ends
up directly upstream, either inside upstream repos such as KDE's git, or the
OBS (most recently in KDE:Active). My colleague Sascha is also quite active on
the news team, you probably know him :)

I personally prefer sitting down and getting the job done, and mostly blog
about it. I don't write much to opensuse-project, as you know.

Your product looks really interesting and "Balsam Enterprise" is a big
chance for SLE to take over the market leadership (Look at Red Hat. RHEL
is so successfull because there two clones and they allow you to test
RHEL till whenever you want... A free SLE-clone would make SLE more open
and of course, more successfully, believe me.)

I think so, too. There's a distinct hole in the market between service levels
and pricing of SLES, and openSUSE itself. Very recently, Novell has removed
some contractual hurdles, and made it possible for us to offer something like
Balsam Enterprise, modeled after how CentOS relates to RedHat, or put simply,
an LTS for openSUSE outside the enterprise market. The customer gets more
independence and better choice, more of the market is covered. That's a win
for openSUSE as base technology and community, as you say.


Sebastian Kügler :: Open-SLX

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