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Re: [opensuse-project] Re: Come and help!
On 04/16/2011 03:36 AM, Carlos E. R. wrote:
On 2011-04-15 19:17, Kim Leyendecker wrote:
By the way, I really hate the API of the most forums and working via e-mail
is much better if you ask me

Which is why I participate via nntp interface, which is even better than

And precisely because the forums have a lot of newbies is why it is needed
to collaborate and help. It is where new users come, and they need help to
stay with Linux and openSUSE.

Life is very peaceful "up here" in the mail lists. You have to "go down" to
the fora and get your hands wet. The struggle for survival is there.

It is there where packagers or devs can see how many people cope with their

First, thanks for Jim, Malcom, Carlos and others for their efforts with
the forums. It is a large audience and for many the first point of
contact with the community. That means its important that they feel
welcome and supported. Most importantly, feeling welcome turns users
into contributors ;)

I can add from my perspective with Scribus that helping the newbies
sometimes can be a bit frustrating and time consuming. That said, all
the Scribus developers have made a point in welcoming people of all
skill levels. Partly, because we want to grow the community, partly
because we understand the subject matter; page layout can be quite
complex, similarly to learning a completely new OS, in this case.

I did skim the forums via nntp and it was not difficult for me to pick
out topics where I could give usable replies.

I also understand where developers can be hesitant about forums. I had
long been resisting forums for Scribus. However, a small team from the
community stepped up and made it happen.

So from my perspective, we as packagers/developers/board members do need
at times to engage, even if it is not our preferred means.

Certainly, the forums admins and moderators should never hesitate to
contact developers, packagers or the board when important topics need
clarification or feedback.


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