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Re: [opensuse-project] Re: Come and help!
Am 15.04.2011 19:11, schrieb Greg KH:
On Fri, Apr 15, 2011 at 02:02:10PM +0000, Jim Henderson wrote:
> Not only that, but I'm sure that those who use the mailing lists really
> wouldn't want the 50,000+ people who are subscribed to the forums to
> start posting all of their questions to the mailing lists. These mailing
> lists would then become pretty much completely unusable. Mailing lists
> tend to be suitable for relatively small groups, but if you were suddenly
> receiving several thousand e-mails a day, I'm sure you would be quite
> unhappy about it.
Not true at all, I get several thousand emails a day, and they are
handled just fine. That's what email clients do, and have done, for
years, in a very managable manner.

I get 70-189 mails a day, and I handle it after the motto: "What I can´t read today, I will read tomorrow"
So, I think it isn´t impossible at all and if you have to make the decission between a forum and a mailinglist, I would choose the mailinglist because it´s so easier then a forum. You know, that you for a mailinglist only need an e-mailadress and additonal a mail-client.

I was longtime active in a forum and it was my daily routine to look what´s on their. But a mailinglist ist imho better, because I can combinate my daily routine. Reading mails and the mailinglist (where the most mails came from) and so, I have more time for my work on openSUSE, what normaly means reading and writing on some mailinglists. So, the mailinglists are my second home so to speak, and this is what I love about a mailinglist. You get all in one client. On a forum is it more fragmented. You have to go to the KDE-forum when you post something about KDE. Then, click-click, I go to the SUSE-studio-forum because I need some help there. You maybe think this is easy, but if I add the whole clicks, it´s real additional work.

The completly different thing on my mailreader. I get here every list I subschribed to. So I get some mail from opensuse-marketing, some from opensuse-project, some from opensuse-factory and of course some from opensuse-ambassador and maybe sometimes a few from opensuse-wiki-de.

I have it all into my mailreader. In my little world here. So I don´t have to leave any forums and can just stay on my "living-room" here and write my mails. Then I open or switch to firefox and surf on facebook, and be on some openSUSE tools (e.g OBS, openFATE and SUSE Studio).

"Oh, a new mail...." and the whole thing restarts....

So don't think this is unreasonable, it isn't.


greg k-h

So, mailinglists just kicking ass. Forums have their advantages for some beginners, but for a developer it is easier to handle it all over e-mail. And I´ve got a good excuse, when my friends see my mailbox and I just need to say, "Sorry, I can´t help you with xyz... I have to read and reply this mails first". (Well, a totaly no-go for some female friends.... oh I´m a hopeless longtime-single ;) )

Nevertheless, mailinglists should be the prefered communication platform, if you ask me....


Kim Leyendecker (kimleyendecker@xxxxxxxxxx)
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