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Am 11.04.2011 21:44, schrieb Drew Adams:
So in other-words Kim... this is something that is easy to do? If so, it makes
the point that, if it is so easy to do, why would we not implement this idea
so the community can benafit from someone going through the process you
Well, it´s not necessary for the project. The most users download the image from and update with zypper or the update tool. Then other users remastered openSUSE with SUSE Studio and use *their* version of openSUSE. So why should the project do this, whereas the users, who have the knowledge for that, do it on their own? Another point is, that SUSE Studio & SUSE Gallery give you the chance to download the published appliances or clone them. For me, I personally do some "remastered"-series of openSUSE products (My latest is 11.1 remastered with the almost latest software and bugfixes) and published them to SUSE Galllery so that everybody can download the iso-file and install it.

To come back to your question: It´s not "Why we would not do this?", it´s "Why I haven´t got realized the idea yet?" I think the people at SUSE and Novell and the people who work on openSUSE in their spare time have enough to do, and don´t think about such solutions (If so, please send me a link with the appliance.)
Would there be a better way other than that to achive this idea with
KIWI or any other tool to streamline the process?
KIWI is the tool to import your own openSUSE/SUSE-installation to SUSE Studio, right? If you got a up-to-date system that you want to share, it might be better....


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