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On Monday, April 11, 2011 09:32:35 AM Kim Leyendecker wrote:
Am 11.04.2011 11:13, schrieb Rajko M.:
This may not be a problem at home where you have thick download pipe and
hours to do installation and updates, but at friends site shorter is
better. You come with patched DVD and in one hour you are done,
including first steps how to use. No distribution offers this now, and
as they don't have OBS they will need some time to catch up.

Well, this can you have with *SUSE Studio*. Just download the latest
packages, create your own repository or load the rpms on a archive up
and tick them for being used for your appliance. Then you create a live
CD/DVD and go to your friend and install it there.

I donĀ“t see any problem in this

PS: Just a suggestion: Test the appliance in a virtual machine and
_then_ go to the friend and install it there.

So in other-words Kim... this is something that is easy to do? If so, it makes
the point that, if it is so easy to do, why would we not implement this idea
so the community can benafit from someone going through the process you
outlined. Would there be a better way other than that to achive this idea with
KIWI or any other tool to streamline the process?
Drew Adams

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