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Re: [opensuse-project] oSConference: Theme & Program Planning
Am Freitag, 8. April 2011, 07:59:03 schrieb Pascal Bleser:
On 2011-04-08 10:23:51 (+1000), Helen South <helen.south@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
What should be the theme of this year's conference? In yesterday's
Project meeting on IRC it was expressed that we've already succeeded in
using the collaboration theme and we should look beyond that for this
coming event.

Perhaps it would be useful to return to an openSUSE-Centric theme and
look at ways to strengthen openSUSE itself - find our unique qualities
and tools and build on them. Also to identify weaknesses and target
those. And looking at fundamentals of user experience, stability,
security, integration, QA. Sometimes this stuff isn't as cool and
funky as playing with new technologies, but like in good health, you
can't neglect your basic diet and exercise!

Couldn't agree more.
I can see the reasoning.

I'm the last one to complain about collaboration (I'm one of the
organizers of FOSDEM and I'm the one who kickstarted the
Cross-Distribution miniconference there after all ;)),
especially across distributions, but I also believe that we need
to keep a larger share of the time at the conference to
concentrate on our own issues and initiatives.

Isn't it a good occasion to present all our current projects and
discuss them with peers, in order to
1) let the community (-> slideshare ;)) know what we're doing
2) collect some ideas, opinions and feedback

Bretzn/appstream, connect, Build Service, webpin2, WebYast,
zypp, security, marketing, ambassadors, tumbleweed, evergreen,
studio, maintenance, factory, ... and that's really just off the
top of my head in a couple of seconds.

How about taking more time for those topics, time to present but
also time to discuss, brainstorm, and potentially win active
contributors for those projects.
Ok, good points. I agree. The only issue I see is to get new people
in. If we do the conference too much centric around ourselfes (which
is NOT what you suggest, I know that) no new people will show up and
we end up entertaining ourselfes. Given that our community has grown
already that would'nt be bad actually. And I am convinced that if we
do it smart, we can manage to talk about our backyard and make it
attractive to new enthusiasts. I think that requires some self confidence
but this thread is a sign that we have it. Great.

Make some tracks around our own projects.
I mean, we had that last year as well, but obviously from another

Or, to put it differently: more of a read/write conference than
a read-only one.
Yeah, thats convincing :-)

Theme: "rwxrwxrwx" (read, write and execute for the owner, the
group, and the world ;))
I like that very much. I would support that, even though that needs some
explanation for 'outsiders', but that can be done.


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