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Re: [opensuse-project] GSoC - Request Feedback - End User Oriented Web Interface
Priyanka - 0:18 6.04.11 wrote:

My name is Priyanka. I am in my second year of B.Tech (Bachelor of
Technology), in Computer Science. My inclinations are
towards C, C++, PHP and Ruby-on-Rails. I am also comfortable with git.

I am strongly inclined to apply to openSUSE for GSoC. The idea that
interested me was the End-User Oriented Web Interface. Currently the
user page is extremely limited to displaying the projects the user is
a part of. I propose the following changes in the interface,

Expansion of the User Profile
* Expanding the user profile to include profiles on GitHub, Gitorious, Ohloh.

We've got these data in openSUSE Connect already

* The ability to pull the recent activity done by the user on these
websites. This would be great if the user has a couple of famous

* IRC networks, and channels frequented.

openSUSE Connect contains irc nickname, channels can be easily added

* An 'about me' text.

Already in openSUSE Connect

* An ability for users to comment on the user activities, which
include apart from their usual activities on the build-service, other
things which have been pulled, like github commits, etc.

hmmm, I think we don't have this yet in connect... :-D

Generally we created Connect with intension of providing central place
for user data so every openSUSE web application like OBS, wiki, forum,
etc wouldn't have to maintain the same data about user but it can just
pull them from openSUSE Connect using API [1] and user will have to
maintain it on one place only. But I understand that OBS is not used
only at openSUSE and this has to be taken into consideration.

I believe there should be a 'Karma' system on the build-service. This
would encourage users to contribute.

* For example, if a user is working on a personal repository and
pushes a bug-fix or the implementation of a new-features, he/she can
be rewarded with Karma. This Karma can be attained either by
'up-votes', or by other members donating their own Karma.

* Ohloh's statistics using their public API can be used for getting Karma too.

* Karma can be auto-assigned to maintainers of popular packages, etc.

And it all gets gelled up to be a more informative user page, which
helps people know each other more. With the user's development
activities getting space on his/her homepage, the end-users would be
able to connect with the user's open-source work. This would help add
an element of interaction to the process.

The Karma component is an essential element to this interaction
because the community recognizes an individual's effort. And we all
can do with a little praise :-)

I think somebody was mentioning some plans of using something like kudos
to determine how much do I as a user trust the repositories (I gave many
kudos to somebody, so his repository is more trustworthy to me then
repository of complete stranger that didn't get any kudos) and use it
somehow in searching for software/adding repositories. Unfortunately I
no longer remember where have I heard about this feature, but it might
be connected to what you are planning to do.


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