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Re: [opensuse-project] GSoC - Request Feedback - End User Oriented Web Interface
Hi Kartik,

On Wed, Apr 6, 2011 at 1:17 PM, Kartik Mandaville <kar2905@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Great ideas. The Karma idea is already there in GSoC ideas list [0]. I
am applying for it and have already submitted the proposal.
Great. But I am not applying for the openSUSE connect proposal, I am
applying for the 'End user oriented web interface' for the
build-service. The Karma part does not cover my proposal completely,
the main aspect is to improve the interface, and the Karma points are
the means to an end.

As the Karma plugin will use the build service to award karma points,
perhaps the two ideas could collaborate.
Have a look at my proposal[1] and let me know you views.
My idea of the Karma on OBS is more similar to the 'Kudos' on ohloh.

The utility of Kudos / Karma points is to reward the 'development'
work, which is what the build-service is about. It will also include
the user's work 'outside' the build-service like on github /
gitorious, etc. Since I am looking forward to extending the user's
profile by adding fields like github profile, etc., pulling the user's
activities done there and then awarding the Karma points looks more
logical on OBS, where the end-users can view the same and extend their
Karma / Kudos to the developer (similar to ohloh).

We can probably collaborate later by OSC's Karma plugin (for which you
have applied) using the Karma awarded at the build-service directly.
So the 'DRY' principle is enforced more strictly.

Thanks & Regards,
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