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Re: [opensuse-project] GSoC - Request Feedback - End User Oriented Web Interface
On Wed, Apr 6, 2011 at 12:18 AM, Priyanka <priyanka.menghani@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:


My name is Priyanka. I am in my second year of B.Tech (Bachelor of
Technology), in Computer Science. My inclinations are
towards C, C++, PHP and Ruby-on-Rails. I am also comfortable with git.

I am strongly inclined to apply to openSUSE for GSoC. The idea that
interested me was the End-User Oriented Web Interface. Currently the
user page is extremely limited to displaying the projects the user is
a part of. I propose the following changes in the interface,

Expansion of the User Profile
* Expanding the user profile to include profiles on GitHub, Gitorious, Ohloh.

* The ability to pull the recent activity done by the user on these
websites. This would be great if the user has a couple of famous

* IRC networks, and channels frequented.

* An 'about me' text.

* An ability for users to comment on the user activities, which
include apart from their usual activities on the build-service, other
things which have been pulled, like github commits, etc.

I believe there should be a 'Karma' system on the build-service. This
would encourage users to contribute.

* For example, if a user is working on a personal repository and
pushes a bug-fix or the implementation of a new-features, he/she can
be rewarded with Karma. This Karma can be attained either by
'up-votes', or by other members donating their own Karma.

* Ohloh's statistics using their public API can be used for getting Karma too.

* Karma can be auto-assigned to maintainers of popular packages, etc.

And it all gets gelled up to be a more informative user page, which
helps people know each other more. With the user's development
activities getting space on his/her homepage, the end-users would be
able to connect with the user's open-source work. This would help add
an element of interaction to the process.

The Karma component is an essential element to this interaction
because the community recognizes an individual's effort. And we all
can do with a little praise :-)

Background Information
I have already set up the development environment, I even reported a
bug in the Build Service to Sascha :-) My experience with
web-development has been using Rails and PHP for college activities
like online treasure hunts, etc. However, I am into serious
development as well. I have been working on a Q & A application using
MongoDB as a NoSQL database. [0]

The proposal is an informal one. I would be polishing it, and include
a time line, where I will be breaking the work down, as far as
possible, into atomic modules with realistic deadlines.

As frequent users of the Build Service, I would be extremely glad to
hear some suggestions / feedback on the above proposal.

Thanks & Regards,

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Hey Priyanka,

Great ideas. The Karma idea is already there in GSoC ideas list [0]. I
am applying for it and have already submitted the proposal.

As the Karma plugin will use the build service to award karma points,
perhaps the two ideas could collaborate.
Have a look at my proposal[1] and let me know you views.

Kartik Mandaville
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