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Re: [opensuse-project] future features
Am Montag, 4. April 2011, 18:07:16 schrieb Jos Poortvliet:
Hi all,

But I guess there are other ideas people would like to work on, right?
I hope so, you bl**** marketing guy - you know developers hate these
questions, right ;-)) ? But no, you're right, bringing that up now.

Often we hear that argument "what can be a good feature for a distribution?
People want just something stable to work with, thats all." That thinking is
poison, even though its of course true that people want that. But what is
"working with a distribution"? From a users perspective its doing all-day
stuff like mail, writing, coding, blogging etc. The distro is a tool for that
if we look from that perspective. But tools can be improved to help doing the
job better, easier, quicker, in a nicer environment. Or a more secure

So I like to support Jos in this: we now have the time to think a bit more
high level about if there are peaces that would make our distro even more
useful, which make it even more convenient, efficient or secure to work with,
which adds a missing block which makes my life in front of the computer

I just added feature #312205 "Provide anonymous web surfing [easy]" to
openFATE as I think thats one of those. Having that would make our
distribution more useful and as a result more attractive to users. And things
like that can help making a difference.

If you plan to work on something cool, say it.
or better, add it to openFATE. Please, people, remember that openFATE should
not be a useless "here is your free wish" tool but a collaboration platform
where we collect ideas, discuss them, combine them to useful stuff, specify
them with technical details and finally, find together to work on them. It can
be a used to enroll an idea to find and excite other people to contribute to

/me who is annoyed that every ubuntu beta fart without any noteworthy
feature still gets a dedicated article on his favorite dutch IT news
site while a final openSUSE release doesn't get the slightest mention :(


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