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Re: [opensuse-project] Introducing SaX3 as a GSoC Project

on Donnerstag, 31. März 2011, Manu Gupta wrote:
SaX3 is a GSoC 2011 project. I have applied for it. So in order to
strengthen my proposal I need some help from you guys. So if you can
help me.

During my project, I would like to focus on these hardware
1. Monitors / Graphic Cards

As jdd already wrote, especially managing multiple monitors (or laptop +
VGA output) can become interesting[tm].

What I would also like to have (if supported by the X server) is some
automatic mode that would be useful especially for laptops:
- if a monitor is connected at the VGA output, use it (in the configured
mode - in my case xinerama, but others might prefer clone mode)
- if no external monitor is connected, limit the display size to the
laptop display (as in "mouse pointer or windows can't be on the (not
connected) monitor")

(I know that this is exactly the usecase of "don't have a xorg.conf at
all", however I still have one for various, including historical,

2. Keyboard

I see especially the keyboard language and layout as targets. (Might be
the only way to configure it for the login manager.)

3. Mouse
4. Touchpad

If possible: different speed settings for mouse and touchpad.

And in general: SaX should write out only the config parts that are
needed/wanted by the user, not a complete xorg.conf. So if someone only
changes the keyboard layout, SaX should only generate a configuration
sniplet for the keyboard.
Having an option to generate a full xorg.conf of course won't hurt.


Christian Boltz
Was hat ein Revolver mit Windows 98 gemeinsam?
Solange sie nicht geladen sind, sind sie harmlos.
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