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[opensuse-project] Re: [opensuse-marketing] openSUSE Selected for GSoC 2011
On 2011-03-19 Helen wrote:
On Sat, Mar 19, 2011 at 6:05 AM, Manu Gupta <manugupt1@xxxxxxxxx>
Hi All

I am too excited and am righting in a lot of joy. Congrats to all
openSUSE is selected for GSoC more to come later :D let me enjoy

Manu Gupta
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What wonderful news. Congratulations and many thanks to the members
of the team who put together the proposal, and to those stepping up
to be mentors for the program. Really looking forward to seeing the
program in progress!

Well, this was just step one. Now we need to go to universities and
spread the word about this, try to get students to come up with good
plans! The more serious proposals we have, the more likely it is we get
a good number of slots from Google. In Nurnberg a group of ppl went to
the university to hang up posters. I hope they are willing to put the
sources online so other ambassadors can follow this example?!?

Moreover, I have written a text which might be used on a folder to
inform students about GSOC, see attached. Feel free to translate and use
it, comments are welcome!

If you need artwork, find it at the links below (in SVG format, you can
use Inkscape to create something with it or translate it):

As I personally also would like to hang up some posters/GSOC stuff at
the university here, so if anyone creates a nice A4 flyer/poster out of
the text I have attached and the graphics above, that'd be awesome* :D

Would also be nice to have for next year...

Have fun and get us some students ;-)



* It would also ensure I don't have to fire up Inkscape and embarash
myself with my horrible graphics/design/layouting skills...
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