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Re: [opensuse-project] Linux Tag 2011 in Berlin?

on Dienstag, 15. März 2011, Jos Poortvliet wrote:
On 2011-03-15 Jan wrote:
I heard there is a openSUSE booth at the LinuxTag 2011 in Berlin,
but I don't find a Wikipage. So I made one. :)

There was (without real
content) which I just changed to redirect to your page ;-)

I would like help out at the booth. The only problem is the
expensive accommodations in berlin. Are there good experiences
from recent years?

Basically you have the choice between
a) near the trade fair - and expensive
b) somewhere[tm] in Berlin - and more or less cheap (ask your favorite
hotel search engine)
c) be accepted for a talk and get a sponsored room in the hotel paid by

c) is the best way ;-) but obviously not available for everybody.

Additionally the LinuxTag team is usually a bit late with the
notifications if a talk is accepted or not. That's understandable given
the amount of talks they receive, but still annoying. (The LinuxTag CfP
says that there should have been a preview of the conference program 2
weeks ago...)

I know in the last few years some openSUSE people have organized
attendance to Linuxtag, I guess we should make sure all openSUSE
people end up in the same hotel (or we rent some appartments?)

All openSUSE people at the same place sounds like a good idea ;-)

(Often the hotel price depends on when/how early you book - therefore we
should decide on this as soon as possible.)

I will add my name, if everyone who wants to go can do that, we know
how much space we need. And we can then arrange for a single
location for all of us, SUSE employees and volunteers. Good idea?

I would like it.

BTW: Experience has shown that the hotel bar (or a nice
bar/restaurant/whatever near the hotel) is a very good place for
talking, ideas etc. - especially past midnight... [1]

Just a small note: IMHO the IBIS hotel (where the SUSE ppl usually are)
is quite expensive (see "a)" above). So if the decision is to have
everybody there, please take this mail also as sponsoring request from
me ;-)

That also means that the SUSE ppl also have to put their names in
this wiki page or they have to sleep under a bridge ;-)

That might be difficult - Berlin is quite flat and doesn't have too many
bridges IIRC *g*

Needless to say that I just added myself to the page ;-)


Christian Boltz

[1] guess where the idea for my wine talk came from...
Die Software soll die Menschen im Netz formen? Da kommen dann Netz-
junkies raus, die am Fruehstueckstisch "ftp brotkorb" rufen, und erst
nach einem "server ready" eines verstaendnisvollen Tischnachbarn sich zu
einem lauten und vernehmlichen "get broetchen" hinreissen lassen. :-)
[aus dcoulm]
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