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Re: [opensuse-project] How to name our releases?
On Friday, March 11, 2011 08:05:28 PM James Mason wrote:
Number it however... personally I'd like to see some (better) relation
maintained between the openSUSE version numbers and the SLE version
numbers - so maybe better coordination with the SLE PMs would be in

Yes, openSUSE is the base for SUSE Linux Enterprise (SLE) but forcing a
naming scheme would mean that we really have to coordinate early when to
release the next SLE. Let's say you want to have 12.1 as base for SLE 12 -
then you would need to know this at the time you decide whether it's 11.x
or 12.0 - so basically 16 months before the release of 12.1 - and that's a
long time.
Also, openSUSE and SLE are independend, each has its own schedule.

I talked with some of the Product Managers (PMs) and they do not see a need
to couple the version numbers.

Internally, I'd like to just make the codenames more obvious. How
many people know the current release (officially 11.4) is codenamed
'Celadon' ?

Yes - that's a separate issue.

The long history of using green shades/objects is neutral and unique.
Lets stick with what works.

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