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Re: [opensuse-project] work for the future: why do you still use Windows
As a blender user for a 3D animation company I agree that 'our' biggest
problem with Linux (we use Gentoo day to day) is the lack of decent
video-editing software on linux.

My biggest problem is that i am a gamer, so regardless of all the many
things that opensuse does better i still spend the majority of my time
booted into Windows 7 64bit.

On 03/09/11 08:39, jdd wrote:
I sent this post to the factory list at first, because I guessed that
in this very list if somebody still uses windows sometime it's really
because it's impossible to prevent this :-). Of course I hav few
answers (but proposal to go to bugzilla, which is not the goal here).
Whole thread is here

On the project list, may be there are some more people to have Windows
applications necessary, given you guys are less development oriented.
I completed this post with the other answers. I got

on short, it's a try to get some planning...

Now that 11.4 is done and nearly out, we can think of the future.

in 2011, most of us do not use anymore Windows or nearly. Still when
we advertise openSUSE we need to be cautious. switching completely to
openSUSE is nearly impossible, because there are still some locks.

We should try to identify them and make the necessary effort to solve

The installation problem is the most well known and we already work
each day to solve it and make default install a snap on nearly any
computer. The use of installable live cd/dvd solves most of these
problems and anyway we can't do better than what we already do on this

So give testimonies here, and fill openfate entries to any lock you

here are three of mine:

* have a decent linear video editor:

* fully read slideshows:

* I would add: make USB hardware more linux friendly, but this is more
a kernel problem. I anyway open a feature for that, but I don't know
exactly how we can make it successfull

this very part led to a discussion of what is the kernel part and what
is not. Most probably, the kernel works pretty well with usb at it's
level, but it's at the application level that some hardware fails.
There is a specific need for GPS map update.

We can act on this subject by several ways: activating a more strong
lobying to the hardware vendors (We could see that Garmin uses GPL
software and linux internally, but only have windows applications),
giving a push to opensync and specially for a kde4 kitchensync. same
for cell phones.

We could also promote a YaST module to guide the user when connecting
weird usb gadgets

* one user asked for an open notes gateway

* how to run windows games?


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