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Re: [opensuse-project] Proposal for adapting the trademark guidelines
On 2011-02-28 Cornelius wrote:
We had a couple of discussions in the past about how to improve the
openSUSE trademark guidelines (see e.g. or One of the main issues with
the current guidelines is that it's very strict about derivatives,
and doesn't easily allow people using openSUSE as a base for their
own systems, to keep a visible association with openSUSE.

So attached is a proposal how to adapt the trademark guidelines and
provide a better solution to this issue. It also contains a few
smaller clarifications. It's based on the input I was able to gather
from the Wiki, openFATE, mailing lists and some personal feedback.
It's a draft, so feedback is welcome.

The only feedback I have is: great work! I love the clarifications on
permitted usage of the brand (eg t-shirts, mugs etc for non-commercial
use is allowed) and the whole "we provide 'based on openSUSE' branding
packages" thing rocks of course. It makes creating a openSUSE deriviate
much easier.

The central change is to allow people to create variants of openSUSE
and use a "Based on openSUSE" branding under more liberal conditions
than now. We would provide a specific branding for that, which keeps
the relation to openSUSE, but is done in a way to not be confused
with the branding of the official openSUSE distribution. Technically
this would be a set of branding packages, which can be used instead
of the default branding of the official distribution.

Please let me know, if there is additional feedback on the proposed
changes, so we can incorporate that, and then move forward with
getting the needed approvals to officially adopt the improved
guidelines. In parallel to that we can look into doing the proposed
branding packages.

Attached is the proposed text for the revised guidelines, and the
diff to the current official version.

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