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Re: [opensuse-project] Public statement from the Board on the removal of a member

On 2011-01-15 Nelson offered the following:

Thank you, Nelson, for this 'expose`'.


Please be mindful that two of the victims of the perpetrator's attacks
are running to the board, and third victim of the perpetrator attack
is already on the board.

According to the perpetrator, a 'defense' wasn't allowed to happen.
Indeed there is something fuzzy here, and it should be a +1 if there
was the need of the Board clarifying this.

I believe the board mission isn't about 'enforcing' but prevention.
This opens a very dangerous precedent which can be exploited in the
future to use the Board as a tool of repression. I wouldn't be
surprised that with this precedent the number of cases might escalate
in the future.

It is also most interesting that this matter comes up at the time when
people have been submitting their names for the Board election - and as a
message posted by someone here states that this person was one who was
putting his name forward for the Board.

And the current Board chose just this very specific time, after fooling
around with this issue for some 12 months or so, to expel this person.

Coincidences do happen all the time don't they?......

I have decided to withdraw my application to the board, and revoke my
membership. I will though continue my contributions in the future to


I would have hoped this would have been your excuse to FIGHT! ... to right a
and to get on the board and set policy to a correct route by defining the RIGHT
to handle such incidents and to right past wrongs where possible. If you
don't, or
won't, openSUSE, is DEAD IMO. Politicians need to be grossly mistrusted
intrinsically by the electorate and the 'community'. The community needs to
hold a
strong string tied collectively around the most sensitive part of the gonads of
governing members of the board, congress, executive, judicial or other
that affect them. When the governing members get out of line, the community
needs to
'yank hard' to remind them who is in charge, eg, they govern by informed
consent, not
by hidden edict and 'trust me, I am doing what is best for you even if you
don't like
it' jam it down your throat force.

Richard Creighton
Community member
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