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Re: [opensuse-project] Questions for the candidates
  • From: Nelson Marques <nmo.marques@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2011 14:53:43 +0000
  • Message-id: <>
On Wed, Jan 12, 2011 at 9:23 AM, Vincent Untz <vuntz@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I read the platforms of all candidates, and I have a few questions :-)
I'd appreciate if you could take some time to answer them; it'll help me
vote in an informed way.

1) You described various issues you'd like to get fixed and goals you
  want to achieve. Will you still work on (or help with) those tasks
  if you're not on the board, or do you think you really need to be on
  the board for some of those tasks?

My application is mainly symbolic. For most of the things I believe
that can be improved, they are not achieved by the Board itself, but
it is necessary that someone promotes them, and as I face the world,
it should be Board taking the lead in preaching such new practices.

2) How much time per week can you secure (approximately) for the board?
  (I know it will be 0% of your time for some weeks, and much more
  for some other weeks; I'm interested in the average)

This would depend on workflow and specially on how the time is going
to be given (considering the tasks). I can't say I have much to give,
but I can spare some time on the weekend and during week days at
night. My only drawback is mornings and wednesday/thursday nights.
Away from that I do have enough time to spare.

3) Did you attend IRC board meetings already?

Not in presence, but I've readed the logs quite a few times when there
are subjects that interest me.

4) It's interesting that I see nearly no note about budget/money in
  platforms. When (not if ;-)) we'll have the Foundation, the board
  will have to work on a budget. So a few questions about this...

  4a) Have you experience with creating/dealing with a budget?

I have certified training for that, though it's focused on Portuguese
laws (Accounting). My degree on Marketing Management also has focus on
other areas like Finance Management, Accounting, Pricing strategies
amongst other crazy things.
No I have no experince, just theory and in most cases within the
boundaries of Portuguese legislation.

  4b) Where will we find money for the Foundation?

I could eventually pop some suggestions, nevertheless, it's isn't the
right time.

  4c) What should we use the money for?

World Domination.

5) I do think it'd be useful to have some board-related meeting at
  FOSDEM. That should help the newly-elected board members to know
  faster what's happening, and how things work. Will you come to
  FOSDEM? (I know some people, and that's most probably true for the
  non-European, will likely not be able to attend; that's not an issue)

Impossible for me.

7) Do you care more about Free Software or Open Source? Just to be
  clear: there's no wrong answer. But it helps understand why you
  contribute to projects like openSUSE.

I've always used the terminology F/OSS or FOSS which doesn't actually
split them. There are differences and while OSI and FSF have different
positions, I'm no politic so I really don't care. For me they serve
together... I'm not really a supporter of RMS when he claims that OSI
has very restrictive licences... For me.... everything is a part of an
ecosystem and everyone can live together in a perfect symbiosis taking
the best of each and enjoying their experience.

Why I contribute? Because for a change it allowed me to contribute
without having barriers and specially because I realized that I can
count on the men next to me.

Questions to specific candidates, related to their platform:

 Chuck: where do you think we could lead, instead of copying?

 Sebas: what needs to be more transparent in openSUSE?

 Kostas: do you have examples of "motives" we can give to people so they
        participate in the project?

 Peter: leaving you some more time for your platform :-)

 Henne: not really a question related to your platform, but to your
       experience on the board. What could be improved in the way the
       board works as of today? (btw, it's not a way for me to try to
       get the current board blamed in any way: we all know things can
       always get improved, and time usually helps with that)
       Also, can I get a dodo?

 Sankar: some of your long-term tasks are partly technical (make
        openSUSE an attractive development platform, make the distro
        accessibility-friendly). How do you think the board can help
        with that?

 Nelson: can you develop a bit more on the 'anti burnout' campaign? What
        would it consist of?

I believe in prevention, and this is where we can have results. If
prevention fails, there's nothing we can do, as professional help will
be required, I don't believe people can deny this.

Stress is one of the main problems here... In the prevention field, we
need to expose the risks and the symptoms. Depending on how we want
this done, we can take this to another level and provide people some
anti-stress exercises, which in a way would end up relying on people
(and denial is one of the symptoms). So my best bet on this is
actually to perform a small group session during our events for

From my experience on Fedora, I've seen psychologists and
anthropologists working with the community on their areas. This is
interesting, and I would love to see a greater commitment from
openSUSE in promoting ourselfs on Universities. Communities like ours
can be very attractive to researchers (which doesn't make of us lab
rats) and can provide an outstanding interaction.

On the field... what we can do without investment:

* Anti-Stress sessions on our events (mainly to demonstrate how people
can relax themselfs any time), and it would be awesome if some
corporations like our sponsors could take the message and promote them
as well (if not already);
* Keep battling on this topic so it's never forgotten;
* Take this initiative to other events and preach such practices to
involve all projects that have representation on openSUSE;

On a more extreme case if we have funding hire a psychologist to
follow the community and to work with the community or become partners
with a University that works on this field (maybe a German university
close to Nurnberg) which probably is where the vast majority of the
community is and involve them on our events.

For example, contact such University for next OSC and reserve some
time for a Anti-stress community action? In fact, you could use such a
thing to make a wider and broader statement to Nurnberg and invite
everyone to attend it, specially the industry around us?...

I think the only requirement we need is someone crazy enough to make it happen.

I wish you all the best for the election :-)



PS: I don't expect votes, my application is mainly symbolic, I would
be far more happier if some of the topics I pointed are picked up by
the other participants and used, this would a true victory. And for
those I've raised I can for sure help without needing a board seat. I
just felt this was a good opportunity to preach a bit more and to
bring new blood into the scene.

Les gens heureux ne sont pas pressés.
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nelson marques
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