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Re: [opensuse-project] Questions for the candidates
  • From: Chuck Payne <terrorpup@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2011 09:03:38 -0500
  • Message-id: <>
On Wed, Jan 12, 2011 at 4:23 AM, Vincent Untz <vuntz@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I read the platforms of all candidates, and I have a few questions :-)
I'd appreciate if you could take some time to answer them; it'll help me
vote in an informed way.

1) You described various issues you'd like to get fixed and goals you
  want to achieve. Will you still work on (or help with) those tasks
  if you're not on the board, or do you think you really need to be on
  the board for some of those tasks?

Yes, even if I don't make to the board. I plan to cont' to work
as Ambassador and work with both marketing and the project team. No, I
didn't run so that can make the things I see we need to do. I am
running because for over ten years I been using openSUSE, I have a
great love and passion for the project and just want to step up. Most
on the board are programmer. I like to be the first end-user/system
administrator to bring fresh views from those that use our distro.

2) How much time per week can you secure (approximately) for the board?
  (I know it will be 0% of your time for some weeks, and much more
  for some other weeks; I'm interested in the average)

This is hard to say. I am married and I work as system administrator
day to day. I do plan to give all my extra time to the project as I do
now. I can't give a percentage. But I can say, that even if I don't
get elected I still plan to give all my free time to the project.

3) Did you attend IRC board meetings already?

Once in a while. That was because the company that I had worked for
blocked irc, but I would ask questions about what was going on and
read the mailing list to stay up-to-date.

4) It's interesting that I see nearly no note about budget/money in
  platforms. When (not if ;-)) we'll have the Foundation, the board
  will have to work on a budget. So a few questions about this...

  4a) Have you experience with creating/dealing with a budget?

Yes, part of my daily job is to budget for equipment. So I have worked
on yearly budgets for my projects. Looked at ways to save money and
not cut services and not impact services. I have also worked as
Accounts Receivable positions for a company for year and in college, I
was the Treasure for our International Club.

  4b) Where will we find money for the Foundation?

I have already started asking people if they know of programs that we
can apply too. Plus, I am thinking we can do fund raisers. Asking for
donations and coming up with items we can sell in the shop to help
fund the project.

  4c) What should we use the money for?

This is tough for me. But I like to see some money set up to help the
Ambassadors, because they need money for travel and media and swag to
help promote the project. I it would be best to set up the funds like
we are a company, so that we management it wisely, thus help all that
work on the project.

5) I do think it'd be useful to have some board-related meeting at
  FOSDEM. That should help the newly-elected board members to know
  faster what's happening, and how things work. Will you come to
  FOSDEM? (I know some people, and that's most probably true for the
  non-European, will likely not be able to attend; that's not an issue)

I think that a great idea. I have no problem traveling to Europe or
for that fact any part of the world. My wife is from Europe. And even
if I couldn't I would try to attend via Skype so that I can see
everyone face to face. You get more done face-to-face. But should I
get on the board. I will do everything I can to attend.

7) Do you care more about Free Software or Open Source? Just to be
  clear: there's no wrong answer. But it helps understand why you
  contribute to projects like openSUSE.

This is a tough question. I love Free Software and really believe in
it. I have since I started with computing in the 80's when I belong to
my local Atari Users Group and would help by typing in computer
programs and share them with our group. In fact, it was that user
group that started my love for Free Software. We did a version of
shareware. You share your programs with a blank disk. In return you
got a disc back with other software that others had share. One of the
main reason I love Free Software and Open Source I see that same
spirit we had. I think you can have free software even if you are a
close source, but I think Open Source is better because you can
improve on the source. Which is why Linux has been so successful. With
me handing out DVD and talking about openSUSE at Linux Fest. I am very
happy to pass out Free Software that is open to all.

Questions to specific candidates, related to their platform:

 Chuck: where do you think we could lead, instead of copying?

openSUSE is one of the oldest distro, but we tend to copy such other
distros like Ubuntu. We need to sit down and focus on what makes us
good. Why are are one of oldest distro. Promote on that. Right now, we
don't need to copy Unity into our distro. We need to let the world
know that we are still using Gnome and the Gnome Shell. We need to let
the world know you don't need to download a K/E/X/Lubuntu disc or a
spin disc (Fedora). Our DVD includes all. One of the greatest tools
we have and we don't do much to promote it is YaST. SaX was another
great tool and a big lost to our project. I would have love to see
some money donated to keep that project live. Maybe the foundation
could look at that.

Here are the items I love to see us lead on

1) We have one of the oldest/stable distro with a very large community.

2) I like to see us push the education disc openSUSE Li-F-E. That is a
diamond. You would be amazed the number of people that don't know
about it, and are amaze that we have it and what it does. We are
missing the boat if we don't help get the word out on this more.

3) I love us to improve on the Ambassador Program. I think we need to
train our Ambassador to be teachers so that they can help educate new
users. I like to see people reaching out to us, asking our Ambassador
to go the fest to offer workshops on Linux. Since our Ambassadors are
our front line to the world. We need to help them and train them to be
like Sale/Field Engineers, where not only can they answer questions on
openSUSE, but answer questions on all. One thing I think to do that
would us lead and Linux Distro is to start an online University.
Invite other distro to join us. People that are new to Linux don't
want to come to irc/forum to ask questions only have someone say RTFM.
They want clear how to's, videos, documents that are clear and simple.
I think that we can do openSUSE Build Service and SUSE Studio. That we
can set up an online University that helps promote Linux and open

4) I like us lead in the publications. I am very sadden to see that
when I pick up a Linux Magazine, that it is very rare to see openSUSE
in it. Yes, you will see the DVD, but 95% of the articles are focus on
mainly one distro. I want us to break this. We are usaully number 4 on
distro watch. With that we should see more articles in publication. If
we can do that, we can break the number 4 position and move up.

5) I like to see a stronger North America present. Here Novell shadows
openSUSE. Many people here in North America don't know that openSUSE
is free, they here SUSE and think you have to pay for it from Novell.
In all the places in the world, we need to bring openSUSE out of the
Novell shadow let the world know that we are a very active open source
community. Over the past year most of my time is trying kill the lies
that openSUSE is bound by the Novell/Microsoft deal. A lot of people
left openSUSE here in North America because of that. It is time to
bring them back our community, by showing them that we still lead in
open source community.

 Sebas: what needs to be more transparent in openSUSE?

 Kostas: do you have examples of "motives" we can give to people so they
        participate in the project?

 Peter: leaving you some more time for your platform :-)

 Henne: not really a question related to your platform, but to your
       experience on the board. What could be improved in the way the
       board works as of today? (btw, it's not a way for me to try to
       get the current board blamed in any way: we all know things can
       always get improved, and time usually helps with that)
       Also, can I get a dodo?

 Sankar: some of your long-term tasks are partly technical (make
        openSUSE an attractive development platform, make the distro
        accessibility-friendly). How do you think the board can help
        with that?

 Nelson: can you develop a bit more on the 'anti burnout' campaign? What
        would it consist of?

I wish you all the best for the election :-)



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