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Re: [opensuse-project] on artwork
  • From: "S.Kemter" <buergermeister@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 10 Dec 2010 03:02:00 +0100
  • Message-id: <201012100302.00557.buergermeister@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

In principle someone inside the project has to chose the site and
setup and affiliated account.
Someone who understands the financial workings of opensuse project.
Once that done we can contact our artists and see who is interested.

That would be rlihm or me and from my side sorry but no time.

my schedule looks so

working on generally marketing lin until the super collaboration day for
marketing material arrives, nearly done for the motifes but ther waits a lot
of more work

right now helping Andrew do the icons they are not made for smeegol and give
it a little bit more openSUSE look

between the Christmas holidays I think to put all my time in the design for

there are still some things like the counter and banner they should be done
next days

then I promised, michl when thats done to take care of motifes for the
openSUSE shop. Still interested what the volunteers for the changing of the
shop will do without some cool motifes

Hopfully, from my side is time for that in april

So I have really to make priorities what more important and thats still the
distribution design and the marketing line. So sorry that I cant do that right

br gnokii

P.S. is always easy to talk about work others must do then

Writing some emails should be fine for me you find me on irc under ealin...


On 8 December 2010 23:47, Jos Poortvliet <jospoortvliet@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On Saturday 04 December 2010 21:51:31 Alin Marin Elena wrote:
Hi Javier,

here is a list of sites that do what I said

It will be great if anybody else knows other sites.

Like the idea. Initially we won't be able to get money from this,
however, as we don't have a Foundation yet. But once we have this might
be a source of revenue.

In the meantime, we could indeed get our artwork on there. I checked out
a few sites and it seems it won't be hard to get artwork on there. So
the question is mainly - is there someone who's interested in this,
wants to drive it.

That means bugging artists to get artwork and uploading it to the

Interested, Alin?


On 29 November 2010 09:51, Alin Marin Elena <alinm.elena@xxxxxxxxx>
Hi Javier,

Mine is a 13 inch macbook pro.... not too small not to big... it does
the job and everybody is happy...

I suspect that one of the many sites that do skin crap... maybe allow
the artists to upload their work and share the revenue... I was
thinking maybe the opensuse-art,boosters,steering committee,
marketing, pr or whatever is the name of the people "guilty" for
promoting can associate the project with one of them... and get some
small revenue for the project...


On Mon 29 Nov 2010 10:22:12 Javier Llorente wrote:
Hi Alin,

El Domingo, 28 de Noviembre de 2010 18:39:40 Alin Marin Elena
Hi there,

I have a macbook pro aluminium crap on which I run opensuse... Due
to my usage the poor thing it is exposed to scratches... my wrist
watch mainly... As I have no intention of getting rid of the mac,
the watch or the habit, I decided to get a skin to protect the

This is where I got an idea... It seems that there are plenty of
that offer the possibility to skin your laptop.
I was wondering if at project level we can "associate" in a way
with one of them... The project provides official artwork to skin
the device, we the supporters can buy it, for each bought the
project gets back few shekels...

What do you think about? would be a good way to increase visibility
of the project and maybe get some money for it too.

We would need to know the requirements (tos, type of image, size,
etc) first.


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