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Re: [opensuse-project] Packman for Tumbleweed (was: Announcing openSUSE Tumbleweed project)
On 2010-12-04 10:46:23 (+0100), Detlef Reichelt <detlef@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Am Tue, 30 Nov 2010 23:19:55 +0100
schrieb Pascal Bleser <pascal.bleser@xxxxxxxxxxxx>:
I personally agree that packages that could also be on should go there instead of being in the Packman
repository but, unfortunately, not everyone in the Packman team

because i don't want to split my packages in thousand repos on OBS.
An example:
I stopped building claws-mail on PackMan because it is in Gnome/Apps.
After that i get many mails why i don't build it on PM anymore: "it was
nice to have that in PM-Repo so it could be installed without add more

I agree, there are lots of packages that we have or used to have in
Packman for historical reasons, in the sense that we were already
packaging them there before the openSUSE Build Service even existed (or
had those packages). Let's not forget that Packman was already around at
S.u.S.E. Linux times :)

The thing is though that there are at least as many people who complain
that, with Packman, they do not only get the multimedia packages (codecs
and many applications), but also updates for lots and lots of other
stuff, and they don't want that.

We can't please everyone I guess (although Tumbleweed might actually
address part of that "problem"), and the concept we have been following
for openSUSE is to split into repositories to enable people to pick what
they want to update, at the expense of having to add multiple
repositories. Yet the only repository that is not aligned with that
concept is Packman.
Another side effect of that, obviously, is duplicating work, a lot, and
not getting the same package names or patches depending on whether you
install from Packman or from, say, GNOME:Apps.
And it's not like we have infinite resources (both human and build
hardware wise) at Packman either :\

But with an project like Tumbleweed wich has nearly the same goals as
the PM-Repo, i would move my packages. ;)


-o) Pascal Bleser <pascal.bleser@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
/\\ -- I took the green pill
_\_v FOSDEM XI: 5 + 6 Feb 2011,
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