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[opensuse-project] Board Member Application
  • From: Kostas Koudaras <warlordfff@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 2 Dec 2010 16:23:36 +0200
  • Message-id: <AANLkTik2D8+uM7_bh=yACPjNaA0FkBFy2m30yOg3jPt4@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Hello world
I would like you to know that I want to run as a candidate for the
board of openSUSE. I am a seasonal forest firefighter in my 'day' job,
so as you can understand, contributing for the common good is all I do
in my life.

I am into FOSS for a couple of years now but I am a man of action so
I do most of the things I plan and do not stay in plans.I am currently
the event manager of Association of Greek Users and Friends of FS /
OSS (GREEKLUG) and I was responsible for organizing the host and
speech of Richard Stallman here in Thessaloniki, which was a huge
success. I spend four days with him and I learned many things about
the meaning of Free Software, among other things, and got deeply
effected and motivated by his words.

I started working with openSUSE almost a year ago and I became
ambassador on that summer. Since I became ambassador I made quite a
few things about it, as I said a man of action. Me along with Stathis
'Diamond_gr' Iosifidis organized the Greek openSUSE community from
scratch. We re-activated the Greek IRC channel which was almost dead.
We started the so that the world can see our
actions as ambassadors. We were the openSUSE team at the 75th
International Trade Fair of Thessaloniki. We made a call for all Greek
Geekos to gather and for a community, although at that time (a few
months ago) almost every 'expert' told us that it would end up a great
failure, we never stopped fighting and finally we prove them wrong. We
recently started translating the openSUSE Weekly news and I am
responsible for gathering and checking the translation. We started
re-organize and translating the Greek wiki. We went to Athens were we
actually met suseRocks and spoke with him about several matters about
the community and the project.I went to several city’s all over Greece
in order to meet in person people of the Greek community because I
strongly believe that face to face communication builds actual trust
and I do whatever is possible to prove people that I truly deserve
their trust. Greek ambassador team trusted me to be the one
communicating the board if needed in order to separate jobs inside the
Greek community. I participated in several innovating events for
openSUSE like the Xariseto Free festival. I represented openSUSE to an
event at primary school in Thessaloniki for celebrating Software
Freedom Day 2010.

Beyond the Greek community I participate actively in the marketing
and the ambassador teams and I am trying to do the same at other teams
too. Andreas Jaeger recently trusted me to be the one of three at the
Ambassador Welcome Team. I probably forgot some of the things I do but
the general idea about me as a person and also my moto for my campaign
is 'Planning is good, but acting is better'. I totally believe in
team working and I think that I co-operate great with others. I am a
Hacker in life more than I am a hacker in programming,in fact I don't
know almost no programming at all nor I am good at solving technically
nature problems. I tend to like my disadvantages and use them as
actual advantages. I think outside of the box and try to think with as
much playful cleverness as I can get. I believe deeply in evolution
and I am not afraid to bleed my ego for evolution to come. I don't
stare at targets, I hit them till I get them and I never give up.

If you read the whole text above I truly thank you,if not I can
understand you ;-)
I hope for your support

Kostas Koudaras (Warlordfff)

me I am not me
Time travel is possible, you just need to know the right aliens
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