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RE: [opensuse-project] Re: community transition

It seems to me the sensible thing to do is to stay aware of the
situation with Novell and *if* something happens to the company, react
to that announcement *when it happens* because the odds of the entire
infrastructure just being powered off the instant an announcement is
made are really quite small. In the incredibly unlikely event that
situation were to happen, a core group (the board) would already know
how to contact each other and start work to get an infrastructure up,
domain names transferred and so on, and get the systems back online as
soon as possible.

Here I disagree. There is the possibility that at some time (sooner or
later) OS will need an alternative supplier of infrastructure. It is
sensible for any organisation to prepare plans (but not enact them)
against such a major and likely eventuality. Maybe the board is already
doing so.

Perhaps they are - though as Jos pointed out, the infrastructure donation
Novell has made is rather valuable, having something that costly "on
standby" is likely to be fairly expensive as well. Hot site backups
don't come cheap.

It's not so much having a hot standby, but having a plan of what you would
do, and having had "what if" discussions with potential supporters /
suppliers. It's fairly standard in for any business-critical service for
the customer to have informal and confidential discussions with the current
supplier's competitors to see what options there are. I would suggest that
some such is needed here.

Obviously a difficult thing for the Novell board members to be party to, or
indeed for the competitors to supply any serious information knowing the
Novell board members would see it.


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