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Re: [opensuse-project] Naming registered members of openSUSE
  • From: Satoru Matsumoto <helios_reds@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 09 Jul 2010 13:45:05 +0900
  • Message-id: <4C36A951.30200@xxxxxxx>
(2010/07/09 8:54), Rajko M. wrote:
On Thursday 08 July 2010 01:37:16 jdd wrote:

We have to build some international network of members that can
give us clues.

Exactly what I got in mind talking about translation. There is a lot
of people that don't use English, or not enough to be involved in
discussion, but they are good minds and skilled. Person with skills
in some field useful for openSUSE will avoid to discuss any topic,
just because it can't express thoughts the way he/she is used to.

Building international network can help us to access such people.

Agree. But as always, the problem is how we can organize such an
international network.

Basically, I'd expect the role (link between main English-based
community and local $LANG-based communities) of Ambassadors.

* Add 'Language' column to Ambassadors list.
* Ambassadors who are willing to assume the role will report the
languages which they can speak/understand to Ambassador Lead. They
should also read/write English and know the openSUSE
community/project structure so that they can relay the consultations
from Non-English speakers to appropriate channels.
* Add the description to each &LANG.o.o main page, for example:
"If you have any questions or require further consultation about
openSUSE but are not good at English and have nowhere to turn for
unreserved advice, contact the Ambassadors in your region first. They
will help you solve the problems."

Well, I'm going to call such Ambassadors '$LANG Contacts' temporarily.

In the past post in this thread, Bryen wrote:
(...) Then, next step is we try to contact someone in that region
(e.g. Indonesia) who has a lot of knowledge of the community in that
area and ask that person to vouch for that person.

I think those $LANG Contacts can be 'someone'. When Board get an
application for membership in Non-English language, they can ask $LANG
Contacts to translate the application into English and vouch the applicant.

On the other hand, Bryen also wrote:
(...) But its not easy for people to campaign for Board in multiple
languages. English is the de facto way that we campaign and
communicate with each other and make ourselves known to each other.
Therefore, it is a challenge for someone of a different language who
doesn't know English to follow with those discussions and campaign

I'd expect $LANG Contacts to assume the role as a link between main
English-based community and local $LANG-based communities also here.

If there are Members who are not good at reading English in their
$LANG-based communities, the $LANG Contacts will try to translate the
necessary information such as election schedule, profile and manifesto
of each candidates, etc. into their languages. In this case, help from
Translation/Localization Team would be very appreciated ;-)

In addition, IMHO, $LANG Contacts are expected to:

* help translating Weekly News into their languages.

- The main reason why I translate Weekly News into Japanese is to inform
ongoing activities in/around openSUSE community/project to those who
find it difficult to read original English announcements and blog

* translate important announcements which all openSUSE users should know
such as upcoming infrastructure maintenance, EOL of previous versions,
change of major repositories, etc. into their languages and inform
them to their local communities on demand.

- I'm trying to do so on a daily basis. ;-)

* report activities and problems (if exist) in their $LANG communities
to main stream (-project list or -marketing list) regularly so that we
can share assignments.

What do you think ?

I know the biggest problem is, whether there are persons who are willing
to assume such a role or not. But at least, I will. (Well, I'm not an
Ambassador yet, though. :-P )


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