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Re: [opensuse-project] Naming registered members of openSUSE
  • From: Marcus Moeller <mail@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 8 Jul 2010 10:03:16 +0200
  • Message-id: <AANLkTikKUBSa_VUTfIvmVNIZFNUXI4VoI0_D2gkEktoW@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Hi Satoru,

Our current approved membership is based on merit.  If you
contribute substantially in one form or another, you can become a
member.  It is a form of appreciation, and this group of people are
contributors. (Perhaps rename openSUSE Member as openSUSE

IMHO, we will make the same mistake again if we use the word
'Contributor' as a name for 'specifically distinguished contributors who
have brought a continued and substantial contribution to the openSUSE

One of the biggest reason why 'member' is not a good name for such
contributors is, the word 'member' is a general noun and used in various

Refer to 'openSUSE:Community' page, for example.

There's a mention:
"... Some people think that anybody using openSUSE is a *member* of the
community. Others think that being a *member* requires some sort of
involvement: subscription to a mail list, registration as wiki editor
through the Novell login, helper in the forums, regular use of an
openSUSE IRC or other active involvement. In fact, if you think you are
a *member*, want to be a *member*, ask if you are a *member*, then you
probably are one :-)."

This mention is starkly inconsistent with our existing membership.

The word 'contributor' also is a general noun and used in various
contexts in our community as 'person who contribute to openSUSE (or, any
other upstream projects)'.

Everyone who contributes to openSUSE is a 'contributor', whether (s)he
is applied or not. Renaming 'Member' to 'Contributor' will just make
another problem - there will be 2 kind of contributors, contributors who
are applied by Board and who are not yet applied.

Maybe we could just add a label like 'approved contributor'.

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