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Re: [opensuse-project] Naming registered members of openSUSE
  • From: "Bryen M. Yunashko" <suserocks@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 07 Jul 2010 18:58:54 -0500
  • Message-id: <1278547134.4622.38945.camel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
On Mon, 2010-07-05 at 09:43 +0200, Andreas Jaeger wrote:
On Monday 05 July 2010 02:57:27 Carlos Ribeiro wrote:
What do you think about we create a kind of openSUSE certifications
path? While people will getting success through the path to achieve a
kind of openSUSE Master Certification, they will also obtaining
different levels of access and privileges (merits) inside the whole
openSUSE project.

Take a look at the and
see if this shows up some ideas about openSUSE Certifications!

This can help us to achieve two points. First, will help us to better
understand our users/contributors activities and difficulties. Second,
could help openSUSE users/contritutors to increase in numbers. Most
young guys from schools and new university levels are looking for some
certifications that can they to be better viewed and positioned to the
IT/Business market.

Also we can provide a kind of certifications for trainees. rsrs - To be
honest, I do not really believe this line, but as we are having a kind
of brainstorm - this is the right time and place to shoot some craziest
ideas. ;-) . Let's start to fly and Imagine someone needs a Trainee
certification for their marketing course in their University, and they
need that certification to get their University Conclusion Course
Certification as a Marketing Leader. We can provide a kind of Marketing
openSUSE Trainee Certification for release each candidates we delivery.
Who wishes to apply for openSUSE Marketing Trainee certification must
submit papers to be analyzed by the marketing team.

It's brainstorming, so I should not comment on it ;) but since you asked in
the first line...

If you force people to have such a certification before they contribute, it's
the wrong way IMO since it would have the opposite effect of attracting
to contribute.

On the other hand, having good training material for contribution and using
the openSUSE distribution would be great. So, material to e.g.:
* explain how to setup a new computer
* explain how to build a package with the openSUSE Build Service
* explain how to report a bug

We have some of that in the wiki but offering it as training is an


I don't see certification as relevant to membership. Our current
membership strategy focuses on contribution. And contribution can take
on any form from coding to packaging to marketing, etc. How do we
require a certification for someone who is in marketing and is not very
technical? How do we even create a "marketing certificate?" Do we
create certificates for different types of contributions?

The possibilities become endless and just adds more overhead for all of
us. The fact of the matter is, having spent 20 years observing Novell's
technical training environment from my standpoint with an Authorized
Training center, I just know that merely creating a certificate is
hugely expensive both in cost and time. And we do not have that luxury
here in our Community these days of being able to expend either.

However, separately, and not at all related to membership, if people
think they can create a certification program on its own... GREAT. It
could enhance Jim Henderson's proposal for an educational environment in
openSUSE. It's a "nice-to-have" but should not be tied in with
membership. Those are two separate topics.

Bryen M Yunashko
openSUSE Board Member

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