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Re: [opensuse-project] Re: openSUSE versioning scheme
  • From: DenverD <DenverD@xxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 07 Jul 2010 10:03:00 +0200
  • Message-id: <4C3434B4.6000806@xxxxxxxx>
Per Jessen wrote:
Bryen M. Yunashko wrote:

From a marketing perspective, I'm not really expecting to see huge
numbers for the upcoming 11.3 release. I'm not expecting to see huge
writeups out there about 11.3. I'm not expecting to hear a lot of
buzz out there about 11.3. For one simple reason. The dot three
sounds simply like a minor update to the family of openSUSE 11 product

Which is what it ought to be if our versioning had any meaning.

You and I both know that really isn't the case. Each release we put
out there is an improvement, an enhancement, and yes even a patch to
previous versions. There can be many new things in there, and there
can be some old things that *work better* in there (we hope!).

Improvements, enhancements and patches all make for minor
releases. "Many new things" combined could possibly make for a major
release, but in my opinion only if they affect the base system.

who gets to decide what "base system" and how much affect is seen,
felt, heard, smelt or tasted......or just read about?

i dare say most of the mag/blog writers and buzz makers Bryen spoke of
are *not* gonna count the absences of quirks, install oddities, user
setbacks or 'little problems' (from triumphant bug squashing) as a
great thing to trumpet across the net-scape..

nor will they breath heavy when learning 12.0 has the latest stable
kernel, KDE, Firefox, Thunderbird, OpenOffice, Apache, blah blah
blah.....why, because their targeted buzz producing readers (giving
them the eyeball count they track to put bread on their table) are
looking for the next round of exciting bling..

after all, wobbly windows and spinning cubes is SO Yesterday.

want buzz? Pimp the Bling and call it

openSUSE 2011 Ultimate Professional Blitzoid Plus

the excited buzz producers are, after all, influenced by more than
just _this_ community.

If you want buzz you have to go to the buzzers. ;-)

personally, i'd rather read:

"Ho hum! Another in a long string of rock solid, stable, dependable,
reliable, predictable, just-works, fits most everyones computing needs
(from embedded hand held wireless to back office server and Cray
smasher) distro was released as simply named "openSUSE 11.3" by their
Community Wizards today.

In other news, the pimpled face, bubble gum crowd flocking to *buntu
really likes their new retro green fonts on solid black backgrounds.
WAY cool! AND, they can triple-click to make the fonts shake and

in case you missed it, my point:
*What _do_ we want to produce today?
imHo: answer those questions and THEN talk about strategy, version
names, etc etc etc..
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