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RE: [opensuse-project] Strategy: comment on users and contributors
Community - users and contributors

I think your summary is very good. I personally don't like the word
'user' at all because for me a user is similar to 'consumer' or
'lurker' and is no win for the project at all. So growing 'users' to
become contributors should be the main goal.

No, plain users are very important to linux in general and openSUSE in
particular. There is no
purpose to all this if there are no users. Linux for geeks and all that.

For instance, users means market share, which means money for hardware
makers if the users choose a
printer instead of another printer. No users means no support in hardware.

I think there will also be, for us, some constant ratios, e.g. 100 "users"
will give rise to 1 "contributor" etc. We need both the volume of users and
also to improve the ratios, through all the methods of encouragement we've
been discussing.


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