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Re: [opensuse-project] Naming registered members of openSUSE
  • From: DenverD <DenverD@xxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 05 Jul 2010 07:38:22 +0200
  • Message-id: <4C316FCE.9010902@xxxxxxxx>
Andreas Jaeger wrote:
DenverD, for some it's about the title - but for other it's about
what's behind a title. As I said elsewhere: As a member you can
get a lizards blog account, an IRC cloak, an email
address and vote for the board. How should we handle this in the
best way?

imo, adopting expanded/hierachical titles is a slippery slope which is
best avoided in favor of simplicity to foster a group evironment in
which _all_ feel included, needed and wanted...

on the other hand, if the membership *must* have an array of titles
they must be both descriptive and hierarchical, like:

openSUSE Hacker Leader
Amazing openSUSE Hacker
Dependable openSUSE Hacker
openSUSE Hacker Neophyte
etc (or Leading oS Hacker, or oS TopDog Hacker, etc)

Supreme openSUSE Packager
Reliable openSUSE Packager
openSUSE Cerf Packager
openSUSE Contributor-packaging

[or more 'creative' within specialties, like artist:]
oS Old Master
oS Sustaining EyeCatcher
oS Contributor-colorCarrier

[ok, you can replace Hacker with Programmer...but not with 'developer'
unless you forever prohibit (say) the openSUSE EyeCatchers from
*developing* a theme for the next release, or writers from
*developing* documentation...
ie developing != programming]

secondly, if there *must* be an array of levels/titles then there must
be an array of benefits...with each higher level being awarded more
and more valuable benefits...perhaps the lowest level doesn't include
an mail box....maybe the highest always includes some
amount of travel expense assistance, etc..

to close: if i had a vote i would *not* build a hierarchy of pecking
order titles to keep the new folks 'in their place', instead i would
develop a single recognizable _brand_ that all could wear proudly..

what i mean is there are Wiki (and Other) Team Members, but i can't
see if they have done enough work to be able to vote for the board, or, what i mean is have ONE term, easily recognizable and
transportable that is applied to all accepted "members"..

maybe it is openSUSE Project Member or maybe it is openSUSE Lizard, or
openSUSE Potato...whatever it is, the term must be used correctly in
the wiki, in posts, and everywhere (that is, don't write "i am a
voting member", "he is a project member" etc...always the same, always
openSUSE Potato..

lets say the voters settle on "openSUSE Lizard", then it might be ok
after some time to allow "oSL Andreas" or "Andreas Jaeger, oSL"...

by the way, what is wrong with Potato? ;-)

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