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Re: [opensuse-project] Naming registered members of openSUSE
  • From: "Carlos Ribeiro" <CRibeiro@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 04 Jul 2010 21:57:27 -0300
  • Message-id: <4C3103C7020000DB00011996@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

What do you think about we create a kind of openSUSE certifications
path? While people will getting success through the path to achieve a
kind of openSUSE Master Certification, they will also obtaining
different levels of access and privileges (merits) inside the whole
openSUSE project.
Take a look at the and
see if this shows up some ideas about openSUSE Certifications!

This can help us to achieve two points. First, will help us to better
understand our users/contributors activities and difficulties. Second,
could help openSUSE users/contritutors to increase in numbers. Most
young guys from schools and new university levels are looking for some
certifications that can they to be better viewed and positioned to the
IT/Business market.

Also we can provide a kind of certifications for trainees. rsrs - To be
honest, I do not really believe this line, but as we are having a kind
of brainstorm - this is the right time and place to shoot some craziest
ideas. ;-) . Let's start to fly and Imagine someone needs a Trainee
certification for their marketing course in their University, and they
need that certification to get their University Conclusion Course
Certification as a Marketing Leader. We can provide a kind of Marketing
openSUSE Trainee Certification for release each candidates we delivery.
Who wishes to apply for openSUSE Marketing Trainee certification must
submit papers to be analyzed by the marketing team.

As you said, we currently have the following benefits for membership
* blog account
* IRC cloak
* mail alias
* Right to vote the openSUSE board - and perhaps participate in other

We can provide this ones + some others MOTIVATIONS that we can start to
talk in another threat.

Backing to the openSUSE certification path... I believe a kind of
different certifications for different purposes can help us to gain more
contributors, users, members...
* openSUSE Certification for Educational
* openSUSE Certification for Developers
* openSUSE Certification for Ambassadors
* openSUSE Certification for Marketing Professionals
* openSUSE Certification for Project leaders in opensource ecosystem
* openSUSE Certification for Trainee Programs
* openSUSE Certification for ISV's
* openSUSE Certification for Government
* openSUSE Certification for Educational Technical Centers - associated
with LPI - just like Novell previous agreement with LPI

* openSUSE Certification for A11y
* openSUSE Certification for kids and retired ones

Of course not all of my examples could be possible or at least makes
sense, but I believe some can be useful and can help others to push
another idea on how to obtain more users, contributors and members to
the project.

Some countries (I believe most part) are playing some specific BIDs for
opensource solutions/providers to acquire some opensource services and
deliverables to the government usage.
If we have some specific certifications provided by openSUSE project -
we could be better viewed by BID's writers.
At least here I live, the people hired by the government or state,
LOVES to spend the contributors money (our money) doing courses and
getting some certifications, because this is the only thing they will
not lost or leave to the next ones. If they have the opportunity to run
a BID for a kind of network management solution - think nagios - for any
purpose, and some company like my competitors runs with debian+nagios
services + training + Documentation + transfer skill for 10 $ and I run
the same BID providing the same solution as my competitor placed but
with openSUSE + openSUSE ANY KIND of CERTIFICATION for the same 10 $.
WOW tha't is the plan - nd if the government decision makers choose
openSUSE as linux platform, quite sure they will push their MAGIC
SOLUTION using openSUSE ECOSYSTEM to the decision makers of educational,
financial, infrastructure, health-care, decision makers of the States
and Cities.

best luck

Andreas Jaeger <aj@xxxxxxxxxxxx> 04 Julho, 2010 >>>
I'd like to do a bit out of the box thinking on this one and see the
$member discussion in a broader context as well.

Currently the benefits of membership are:
* blog account
* IRC cloak
* mail alias
* Right to vote the openSUSE board - and perhaps participate in other
we do

Do we want to open up all of this and open it up so that everybody can
up and can get these benefits - or a part of it? This might be good
from a
marketing perspective since more people would call themselves $member
use their openSUSE org mail alias etc.

Or do we want to continue giving these benefits based on merit?

Somebody said in the discussion that he felt bad whenever we had to
a person applying for membership. Why does it happen that people
that are not active? What can be done here?

Btw. how do other projects handle this? What names are Debian,
Ubuntu, etc. doing in this regard? Can anybody register and have
rights or to which is it bound?

Andreas Jaeger, Program Manager openSUSE,
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