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[opensuse-project] Why I wont use the forums
  • From: Stephan Kleine <bitdealer@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 26 Jun 2010 02:11:47 +0200
  • Message-id: <201006260212.10378.bitdealer@xxxxxxxxx>
Dear list,

after having read all those "why I wont use the forums" posts, to which I
certainly contributed my share with my "venomous" post I got fed up with it
and am somehow wondering how to improve that since we all should be supposed
to pull on the same string.

So, can we just cut that right now and here and instead find out some way how
to make those forums more attractive for the people who are currently not
using them and OTOH making forum users create more productive bug reports
since "reporting by proxy" is NO option IMHO?

Regarding the problem: I think it has been established by now that those
forums are considered some swamp that makes it very hard to find out some
interesting topic one would like to get involved in (may it be because one is
interested in the topic or one maintains a package that is related to it).
Which is why most people apparently simply don't bother with said forums.

OTOH you, the forum admins, have been asked quite some times to introduce some
subtopics targeting more specific needs. So could you please reconsider your
stance and admit that it will be easier to find "interesting" topics one might
be inclined to get involved in if one doesn't have to wade through loads of
other stuff?

Your, the forum admins`, answer was mostly that said subtopics are already
covered by their parent ones (e.g. applications for servers and security).
OTOH you happily run some "64-bit" subforum which makes no sense IMHO since
this nowadays boils down to having to install the necessary 32-bit compat libs
for some binary blobs (e.g. skype).

So, to make it short: Can you, the forum admins, please agree that introducing
some subforums for specific topics makes it much easier to find "interesting"
posts for the "contributor" / "dev" so those would be more inclined to get
involved and can we please get some list together of "interesting" topics so
those get realized?

Point simply being adding some subforum doesn't cost a single $ but makes it
much easier to find - personally - "interesting" topics so one gets more
inclined to get involved.

From my personal POV I would be delighted to see:

1. a "security" one for stuff like apparmor, selinux, ssl with certificates,
general server hardening and so on
2. a "server" one for stuff like apache, php, samba, XEN, KVM, general
virtualization and so on.

Please add some topics you (the "currently not using the forums dude") would
like to see so you could more easily identify the topics you are interested in
so you might be even more inclined to participate in that forums.

Last but not least I'm seriously wondering on those "reporting in bugzilla for
forum users" discussion. So could you, the forum admins and users, please make
it plain clear to your fellow users that:

1. To report something broken there is only ONE place and that is
2. If you (the random user) don't like the interface then welcome to the club
but until someone writes a new one this wont change.
3. Reporting a bug as a proxy is plain useless since you (the proxy reporter)
will never be able to answer any follow up questions.

And here comes the most important one:

4. You need NO knowledge to report a bug but are simply supposed to explain as
best as you can what you did to produce that bug. Then the devs will simply
ask what you did, if it isn't clear, and tell you what information they need
to fix it. If you don't know how to provide that info then simply ASK. Every
single dev I know is perfectly happy to tell you how to provide the requested
information so really all that is required from you is to create a bugreport,
do the best you can and then simply be receptive.

Ok, that got quite lengthy, sorry for that and thanks for sticking with me.
Please keep it productive.

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