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[opensuse-project] becoming a opensuse team member
  • From: Greg Freemyer <greg.freemyer@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 21 Jun 2010 11:15:29 -0400
  • Message-id: <AANLkTinwtWuZY8QVScopq3tDczJ3RhxkcBV6CcPPFz_7@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
On Mon, Jun 21, 2010 at 8:28 AM, Vincent Untz <vuntz@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Le lundi 21 juin 2010, à 13:57 +0200, DenverD a écrit :
Guido Berhoerster wrote:
* Vincent Untz <vuntz@xxxxxxxxxxxx> [2010-06-21 12:28]:
The question is why are all the people you're listing not members yet?
They should probably be!

I'm not a member, and apart from not being able to participate in
decision-making I haven't seen a need yet to bother with an
application process.
Actually I think the openness and simplicity of taking part in
openSUSE development without having to bother with membership,
mandatory mentoring etc. as in other comparable projects is a
strength of openSUSE.

same here, i've been contributing in several ways for several years
and a couple times thought i should "become a member" but when i got
to to part where i had to try to prove my worth as a contributor to an
unseen panel of judges, i decided i'd rather just do what i do and let
those in "the Community" who wanna be in charge of something (like
deciding who gets into the circle and who can decide the future, etc)
do that, without me signing up and _asking_ to join the in-crowd..

Wow. You seem to have a really negative image of the membership process
:/ How can we improve this? Why is it a burden for you to mention your
contributions when applying? I don't remember this process to be
difficult or awkward when I applied a few years ago.

I became a member a year+ ago specifically because I wanted to be able
to create openfate entries. (No longer restricted to members).

I haven't recently checked the wording of the page describing becoming
a team member, but at the time it seemed to imply members had to earn
their stripes (ie. prove themselves) by doing more than your casual
enthusiast like myself.

(ie. Packagers, bug fixers, etc. seemed to emphasized.)

Even though I participate in a lot of opensuse threads thus providing
support, file a few bugzillas, etc. and have even updated some wiki
pages, I was not at all sure I'd be accepted.

Maybe the wording of that section needs to be softened to reflect the
actual critieria used to accept members. Or maybe the criteria
themselves need to be softened.

Greg (team member)
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