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[opensuse-project] Wiki Team Meeting 091030 - Meeting Minutes
  • From: Rupert Horstkötter <rhorstkoetter@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 3 Nov 2009 16:18:54 +0100
  • Message-id: <26d1a5470911030718t6811234bia30978356ed8220b@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

here are the meeting minutes for our Wiki Team Meeting #1 on Friday,
the 30th of October 2009 at 17:00 UTC. We got started to discuss the
usability concept for the openSUSE wiki. Please feel free to add
important details I maybe missed.

#1 – QA process: FlaggedRevs VS Sandboxing approach (Assignee:
rhorstkoetter, Fsundermeyer?)
We haven't finally decided (yet) which one (FlaggedRevs or Sandboxing)
to implement as our QA process. There is a general tendency by the
team to go for the sandboxing approach (and in parallel implement the
wiki forum for reviewing purposes), but we'd like to give everyone
another opportunity to voice their opinion at opensuse-wiki ML -
rhorstkoetter is responsible to kickoff the discussion here.
Furthermore, we're in general agreement that we need to implement the
QA process and would appreciate to get a testing enviroment
(FSundermeyer?) for both Sandbox and FlaggedRevs to be able to gather
experiences with both of them.

#2 – Guidelines (Assignee: rhorstkoetter, Shayon)
Guidelines will be created to provide wiki editors an understanding
about proper design, formulation, conception and syntax of wiki
articles. The use of templates needs to explained and an overview
about the implemented QA will be given. The content of Guidelines
depends on several things we still need to agree on (e.g. The QA
Process) and are therefore a working draft. Rhorstkoetter is
responsible to come up with a draft in co-work with Shayon. We'll
gather ideas at Wikipedia and and see what's sufficient
here for our Usecase – Licenses need to be discovered here for
imaginable Re-Use.

#3 – Frontpage/Portal (Assignee: rhorstkoetter, Shayon)
We'd like to replace the current with a Portal
to openSUSE documentation resources (the wiki) while offloading
content from the current to – a two-column layout is desirable.
Jbrockmeier requested to leave the sponsor links and move them to the
right column if possible - rhorstkoetter will sync this with the
webteam. Shayon is responsible for the development of, Rajko's contribution would be
desirable here. We need to focus on proper categorization (provide as
less categories at the main Portal as possible for usability purposes)
while utilizing wiki-portals/projects for deeper hierarchies – see #4.
Once this is done, the draft for the main Portal should be pushed to
the marketing- and webteams for smooting out the design, language and
overall appearence of the Portal. The guidelines will be prominently
placed at the main portal. Finally we'd like to have an openSUSE-like - just to get a general idea.

#4 – Wiki-Projects/Wikipedia-like Portals (Assignee: Federico Mena, Petr, John)
We'll implement Wiki-Projects and Wikipedia-like Portals for deeper
content hierarchies (as a complement to the main Portal – see #3). We
desire to create such Portals for the big openSUSE projects like KDE,
Gnome, YaST, Education etc. as well as major categories. The exact
concept is courtesy of Federico Mena and Petr (Booster effort). John
is interested and welcome to contribute here. Federico's navboxes
should be worked into this effort. Federico/Petr should keep in touch
with Shayon to sync with the main Portal efforts (to ensure overall

#5 – Strengthen the Wiki team (Assignee: rhorstkoetter)
We'll reach out to the Community with an announcement "why (good)
documentation matters". We'd like to raise people's attention on the
importance of good documentation to the sucess of the openSUSE project
and the convenience of the end user. Jbrockmeier proposed to come up
with a mentoring program for wiki editors/contributors. Petr proposed
the adoption of OBS Junior Jobs to wiki tasks. We're in agreement that
a Wiki Team Member should work in a moderating, supporting and
mentoring capacity - at least that's the major task (besides actual
wiki editing) Wiki Team Members should focus on.

#6 – MediaWiki Extensions (Assignee: FSundermeyer, cboltz)
FSundermeyer requested input on – cboltz already
started a discussion at opensuse-wiki ML. We certainly desire to
maintain as less extensions as possible. FlaggedRevs (see #1) and
Semantic MediaWiki are well-maintained and thus possible to implement.
Please jump into the discussion started by cboltz.

#7 – Templates (Assignee: Shayon, John)
Kálmán proposed as an approach to give an
overview about available templates and we decided to adopt this for
the main wiki. The Overview page will be linked from within the
Guidelines (see #2). Shayon is responsible to review existing
templates and sort them as proposed by Kálmán. We need to think about
obsolete templates, desired templates, etc. John is interested and
welcome to contribute here.

Some of the major wiki contributor unfortunately haven't managed to
join the Meeting and their efforts are certainly needed and
appreciated. Please contact the respective assignees of topics to jump
in and contribute. That certainly applies to EVERYONE interested – we
need a LOT of helping hands to make the openSUSE wiki a better place
(and finally achieve openSUSE world domination, smile). Every helping
hand contributing to this usability concept (which is a HUGE task)
counts and is very welcome to join the efforts.

JFYI, I just updated and
linked the Meeting transcript (thanks Shayon) and the agenda for
archiving purposes and to give people the opportunity to review the
Meeting (again). The minutes will be linked there as well asap.

Rupert Horstkötter
openSUSE Community Assistant
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