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Re: [opensuse-project] Decision making transparency ...
  • From: "Carlos E. R." <carlos.e.r@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 5 Sep 2009 15:30:05 +0200 (CEST)
  • Message-id: <alpine.LSU.2.00.0909051525350.20233@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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On Tuesday, 2009-09-01 at 19:36 -0500, Bryen M Yunashko wrote:

On Tue, 2009-09-01 at 22:26 +0200, Christian Jäger wrote:
Am Dienstag, den 01.09.2009, 12:02 -0500 schrieb Bryen M Yunashko:


Well, seems at least _one_ thing went right. What's still missing to put
my mind at ease is that we have to make sure that such a 'dictate of the
majority' (or rather of the most vocal part of the community) as we saw
here cannot happen again. We need a carther that guarantees the equal
positions of GNOME and KDE communties in the openSUSE either by concrete
measures (such as 'no default desktop') or by a 50-50-parity of seats on
the openSUSE board.

What do you think?

Let me point out that there is already an unconference session scheduled
during the openSUSE Conference focusing on governance issues. I expect
we'll be doing a lot of hashing and rehashing as we look at how to
better improve the way the Project is governed. It will very definitely
be a very hands down-roll up your sleeves and let's get to thinking
about it. And I'm looking forward to it. And the great thing is, this
will be most definitely transparent as this is an open meeting.


In all honesty, I am not sure having specific representatives of each
camp is all that effective. It's counter-productive.


For one thing, it
reinforces the notion that KDE and GNOME teams are two separate distinct
camps with their own agendas and goals. This is not the vision I
personally have. Nor is it reality. I often see GNOMEies and KDE'ers
collaborating. My vision is a representation that strives for the
greater good of the overall Project, not specific factions. And to
ensure that most of the perspectives of our community is heard. For me,
everyone knows that I am a GNOME user. But when I am in board meetings,
I _never_ sit there with the express goal of protecting and pushing for
GNOME's interests. I'm there to represent the project as a whole. And
that's what we all have to do. And I feel that most of us are looking
in that direction already.

I appreciate that...

But this entire issue hurts. :-(

- -- Cheers,
Carlos E. R.
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