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RE: [opensuse-project] Decision making transparency ...
but I for one _demand_ that this decision be revisited for 11.3.

To demand that, you do need to say which decision and why you believe the
outcome would be different. It seems there are 2 decisions which were made,
and one issue raised. There is one further question which arises from the

The decisions are:

1) to have a default DE on the install
2) to set the default according to popularity of the DE in installs in

The issue is:

3) it has been asserted that the decision making process was unfair or

The further question is:

4) what are the best (for openSUSE) criteria for choosing the default
install DE? What surveys / information collection do we need to evaluate
this reliably?

Which of these points do you want to revisit (and don't say all of them),
and why do you think there'll be a different answer if it's revisited?


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