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Re: [opensuse-project] Re: Decision making transparency ...
  • From: Michael Loeffler <michl@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 26 Aug 2009 19:04:01 +0200
  • Message-id: <200908261904.01695.michl@xxxxxxxxxx>
On Wednesday 26 August 2009 17:53:45 Sankar P wrote:
On Wed, Aug 26, 2009 at 4:37 PM, Michael Loeffler<michl@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

what about cooling down, accept some facts and work together in a
constructive way? We should remember that offering 2 world class desktops
should be used as a strength of openSUSE. Arguing and fighting between
both will lead anywhere.

I guess you meant "nowhere".

Whether intentional or not You (your decision) are in a big way
responsible for the in-fighting.
oh, obviously you haven't noticed the "in-fight" on the ml prior to my
decision. Yes, someone else told me before that perception is pretty


A lot of the openSUSE-GNOME people, in addition to being openSUSE
ambassadors are GNOME ambassadors as well. Perhaps for much longer
than when openSUSE is created. Afterall, The creator of GNOME is with
us and we have two GNOME Board directors.

Just because some KDE users want to have a one-click-less installation
you are making GNOME a second choice (driving away a lot of potential
GNOME users). You think any GNOME ambassador will want to promote
these DVDs where GNOME is considered inferior ? If so, you are failing
to understand basic Human psychology and is over-expecting.

To be honest, I see no way this gonna heal soon and people living with
grudge against each other communities for very long.

When there is no _quantifiable) way to assess the benefits of this
move, but a noticeable negative impact in a considerable members of
the community, the move imho should have been avoided. Which is why,
Even after these many long threads, you are unable to convince the
people opposing this move. and these people are not the usual
troll-kindlers but genuine community people.


I believe things will be a lot more calm, if we just accept that GNOME
and KDE communities are different and give separate DVDs instead of
bundling them together in a single promo-DVD. Atleast every desktop
will get more packages to install. And KDE users can get more packages
without GNOME occupying a huge chunk in their installation media.

Michael Löffler, Product Management
SUSE LINUX Products GmbH - Nürnberg - AG Nürnberg - HRB 16746 - GF: Markus Rex

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