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Re: [opensuse-project] Decision making transparency ...
  • From: Henne Vogelsang <hvogel@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 25 Aug 2009 13:45:02 +0200
  • Message-id: <4A93CEBE.6010608@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

Michael Meeks wrote:

In summary, it is somewhat surprising, amid all the talk of the
critical importance of "doing what the community wants" for a decision
of this importance and scope, to be made by a single, appointed, Novell
employee, in a permanent, irremovable maintainership role.

Agreed. This is something we can discuss.

But please note this is the first time that people question this process
and the roles in it. It is even the the first time that this happens
after a debatable decision has been made. We had plenty of those in the
past but never ever did someone question the role of the openSUSE
Product Manager or its coming off. The role, and Michl in it, served us
well in the past and i would like people to think LONG and HARD before
we replace it with something else.

The advantage of elected representatives is that as/if/when they make
silly decisions, there is at least a hope of replacing them. I would
ask that at the openSUSE conference we can come to an understanding
of a rather more useful role for the openSUSE board for this kind of

This would mean we need a new election for a new openSUSE board because
this changes the scope of what the board is supposed to do.

People want to vote differently as they did the last time, if we are
talking about technical responsibility. I know i would. People also
would want to reconsider their candidacy if we are talking about
technical responsibility. I know i would.

I'm not saying that its not possible to do that. You just keep on
throwing the board into this discussion but at the moment it does not
belong there. So please also think about the consequences.

We want to make clear that both desktops are considered equal
citizens within the openSUSE Project

As an example, can you give any assurances around my concerns about
conferences - presenting both desktops equally eg. ? providing live-CD
media instead of DVDs - so GNOME advocates don't have to hand out
default-KDE-installs left and right ?

Why would anything change anything for conferences? We always present
both desktops at conferences. We always hand out promo DVD's that
contain both desktop as live media.


Henne Vogelsang, openSUSE.
Everybody has a plan, until they get hit.
- Mike Tyson
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