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RE: [opensuse-project] openFATE feature #307495: GNOME default
If that is truly the case then that does that say about the decision that
was made. Doesn't that mean it would have been better to have left things
as they were if we feel like this whole discussion and decision was a loss
of time?

Unfortunately this is a common tactic in politics called filibustering -
"debating" something at such length that your opponents either run out of
time or lose the will to continue. The risk of your suggestion is that any
proposal can then be blocked by a small group adopting similar tactics.
Having a default was and is sensible.

The sound and fury was a product of an unaddressed underlying grievance in a
fairly small group of people. That grievance is now, hopefully, in the
light and can be discussed directly rather than by proxy through such things
as "what is the best default DE for openSuSE". The Novell team's stated
commitment to supporting both KDE & Gnome in SLED / openSuSE is as clear as
any realistic statement can be.


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