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RE: [opensuse-project] openFATE feature #307495: GNOME default
For those of us who want to make the only sane choice and vote against
having any desktop environment default, I have created:

#307496: return to having no default desktop environment

Voted ;-)

I really don't care what the default desktop is, as I can select whatever I
want during the install. So can everyone else on this list.

I would argue very strongly for having a default, so new users have a simple
install. New users do not have enough information during the install
process to make an informed choice. Forcing them to make what is, in
effect, a random choice will not benefit anyone. It's only new users who
are really affected by the default, provided alternatives can be chosen.

Our focus should be on attracting and keeping the largest community of users
on (openSuSE) Linux. This beggar-my-neighbour approach of "what's good for
KDE is bad for Gnome" (and vice-versa) which I'm receiving through these
discussions is damaging to all our best interests.

For new users the best default is the one which gives the easiest transition
from the OS they're accustomed to. There is a sensible discussion here
about which of KDE & Gnome will be more familiar and easier to learn for
people used to Windows.

After new users have accepted Linux we can expand their vision and offer
different desktops.


p.s. this line of argument also strongly supports the need to collect more
statistics about users rather than installs, including what OSes they are
most familiar / comfortable with.

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