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Re: [opensuse-project] More Statistics
  • From: alpha096@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 22 Aug 2009 09:53:24 +1000
  • Message-id: <4A8F3374.9020400@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Stephan Kulow wrote:
Am Freitag 21 August 2009 schrieb alpha096@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:

Steve, the download statistics from is obviously

I would prefer that if you talk to me you use my name and don't invent names.

My Apologies, I did not take the time to correctly reply to you as Stephan.

I glanced and thought I read Stephan. Its an easy mistake to make but one which
has obviously caused distress.
It was a casual mistake and certainly no offence was meant by the error. I am
sorry if I have offended you by this error.

huge amount of data to go through for unique IP's.
It must be a hugely difficult task as you have indicated, and I would
think that the presence of any company using NAT'ed internal IP's would
have an unknown impact.

Just querulous, when a KDE install registers for its first update
servers to be assigned, the contact and
assignment is made by [Contacting Novell's Servers? - Please wait]. Also
caries the hardware profile etc. and any Novel Registration if any.
And with a Gnome install it goes to smolt.

Not sure what you refer to, we stopped registeration with 11.0

Default Installation of KDE 11.n using *Non-Automated* process, gains
its first repo update servers by registration. Its not hard to reproduce.
Just remove all your update repos and then go-through default process
for repo assignments. KDE screen attached.

Default Installation of Gnome 11.n using non-automated process gains its
update servers by contact with smolt. Again its easy to reproduce by the
same process above, but this clearly goes through smolt as these are
both on the screen. I can attach if you want.

I can also put a trace on outbound traffic of mine to give you an IP for
both if you would like, however this is also easily done by yourself.

Greetings, Stephan

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