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Re: [opensuse-project] More Support for the openSUSE Project
  • From: Henne Vogelsang <hvogel@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 13 Aug 2009 01:30:16 +0200
  • Message-id: <4A835088.5000003@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

let me try to explain what this means from the perspective of the
openSUSE project.

Roland Haidl wrote:

Now we have a group of people that is exclusively dedicated to the
openSUSE project.

The main point here is "exclusively". As you can imagine there are other
products and projects in Novell that demand attention, so each employee
has to prioritize his tasks. For people in this team, their only
priority is now openSUSE. As opposed to the past where their work was
divided between openSUSE and other duties. So this translates into
increased manpower now available to the Project.

Of course the team also has responsibilities, that is basically the openSUSE
distribution and the healthy growth of the project.

Its not that this team is the new dictator of things and will now steer
the distribution and be the exclusive club that develops it. We just
defined that one of this teams tasks is to support the openSUSE Project
in creating the distribution. The responsibility to make this
distribution STILL lies which each and every one of us. The devel
project maintainers, the translators, the OBS people, the artists,
testers, release managers and so on. It is our distribution, we create
it together and we are responsible for it together!

The people working in the team are all well known since they already worked a
lot in the community.

You all wonder who right? Lets make this a little game :)

Name 10 Novell Employees that really stick out in the openSUSE Project.

01 ___________________
02 ___________________
03 ___________________
04 ___________________
05 ___________________
06 ___________________
07 ___________________
08 ___________________
09 ___________________
10 ___________________

Whoever gets the most right (first) gets a openSUSE goodie pack hand
selected by me. I even throw in something from my personal stash of
historic openSUSE goodies! So lets see if you can guess who :)

Henne takes over the role as project manager openSUSE, and Stephan
Kulow will continue to be the release manager for the next openSUSE

This sounds a bit as if i would take over Coolo's responsibilities and
if 11.2 would be the last openSUSE Coolo will do. This is not the case.
We will simply share the a**-kicking responsibilities 8)
Coolo will continue to kick the Distribution buttock and i will start to
kick the Project one.

So all in all exiting news. I would like to ask all of you for your
support and for a little bit more patience so we can get going :)


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