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Re: [opensuse-project] Re: Draft of Desktop Policy
  • From: Dean Hilkewich <deans.mail.list@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 07 Aug 2009 08:42:53 -0600
  • Message-id: <4A7C3D6D.3080501@xxxxxxxxx>
Jim Henderson wrote:
Posit: GNOME users are generally (though not always) new users and non-
technical users at that.

Mailing lists, forums, etc where the discussions are largely *technical*
in nature are not likely to draw that part of the userbase into the
discussion because most of the discussion is over their heads.

Creating a situation where people are unlikely to know or are unwilling
to participate because they won't understand 99% of the discussion and
then saying "well, if you don't participate, too bad for you" is a
*great* way to disenfranchise those users while appearing to be looking
at the issue in a democratic manner.

Let's make sure we're not doing that and at least giving those people a
chance to have a voice before we declare them as being dispassionate and
uninterested in the future of the distro.

I'm sorry but you are assuming a lot of things. Gnome users are just as
tech savy as the next user ranging in expertise from new user to guru.
To suggest otherwise is just plain insulting. Mailing lists and forums
are full of new users asking simple things as well, I would suggest you
actually read some before drawing your conclusion. In the case of
openFATE and especially on the issue of a KDE default there is next to
no technical knowledge needed to express one's feelings.
And as I've said, I've no problem if the KDE camp is willing to commit
that GNOME stays on the menu. I've yet to see *anyone* from that camp
say that they find that agreeable.


No one is saying remove Gnome from the selection screen. If that's what
you are thinking then you should really re-read the complete thread. We
are talking about having a preselected desktop. It does not prohibit
you from changing if desired. Again stop trying to make this into a
"death to gnome" topic.

Dean Hilkewich
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