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[opensuse-project] Re: Draft of Desktop Policy
  • From: Jim Henderson <hendersj@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 7 Aug 2009 14:39:17 +0000 (UTC)
  • Message-id: <h5heal$c6p$5@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
On Fri, 07 Aug 2009 10:20:46 +0100, Matt Gray wrote:

1. seems to me you are try really hard to invalidate the only useful
figures we have on desktop choice..........?

Not invalidate, but point out that there are shortcomings in the
methodology used to make this determination, and part of it seems likely
to be a bit of confirmation bias.

2. no, the consensus is that Ubuntu has a reputation for ease of use,
there is no consensus on how that reputation was received, and certainly
no consensus agreeing that it is because of Gnome.

Certainly if GNOME wasn't perceived as a good desktop, the #1 distro out
there using it exclusively wouldn't have the lead it does. It stands to
reason that the users find GNOME is at least acceptable for daily use.

3. very much agreed.

Well, we found something to agree on - that's progress. :-)

Jim Henderson
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