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Re: [opensuse-project] Coming up with a good Policy ...
  • From: Charles Kerr <charles@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 6 Aug 2009 15:44:11 -0500
  • Message-id: <440ae7850908061344m2f66a25fw33c5828f0eea807b@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
On Thu, Aug 6, 2009 at 7:42 AM, Lubos Lunak<l.lunak@xxxxxxx> wrote:

You keep using this framing device.  I'm very interested in
which other popular-competitors-in-a-component-used-by-
interconnected-applications "other options" you have in mind.

 Web browser. It matches the description pretty well after
realizing that all the web-based stuff is applications too.

Used by nearly everyone? Strongly agree.

But "popular competitors"? Were 1/3 of openSUSE users
using Konqueror? And web-based apps are on the same
level of effort as a KOffice and Konqueror? And you're saying
web pages load as differently as the GNOME/KDE divide
based on what browser you're using?

Currently we have Firefox as the clear default and we do
not even offer a choice in any prominent place. I don't think
there's anything wrong with that, but if one day Chrome
has 90% users and Firefox 9%, it would be clearly very
stupid to still keep Firefox as the default without any
easy way to change it

I agree. Your order-of-magnitude test there is along the
same lines of what I think is an appropriate threshold for
desktop preselection. (And why I didn't like your examples
comparing KDE/GNOME use (2-1) to driving/selling cars
(> 1000-1) or right-left handedness (10-1)).

Lubos I'm happy to continue this with you offlist if you like,
but these threads are insanely long so I'm going to give
my closing arguments and move on.

A Good Policy will take into account the magnitude of a
pre-selection's ripple effects and the relative popularity
of the competition. If KDE and GNOME used all the
same default applications, or if one were 10x more
popular than the other, this conversation wouldn't
be taking place.

Speaking as the author of GTK+ and Qt apps that ship
on various distros, my sense is that openSUSE's stated
guiding principle to "respect... different preferences for
applications, environments, tools or interfaces" is not
well-served by preselecting any desktop.

Thanks to everyone (or, anyone ;) who's read this far.

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