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RE: [opensuse-project] More policy issues ...
Could I add my 3p (that's about 4c) contribution.

I get seriously irritated with this whole debate. There seems to be a
strong desire amongst some in the KDE & Gnome camps to polarise any
discussion involving both DEs, similar to the discussions involving Windows.
That, to me, is contrary to the inclusive approach adopted by most of the
community. Could I argue for a policy that effort will be put into making
as much software as possible compatible (i.e. behave sensibly) on both
desktops. I repeatedly find items of linux software which will only behave
properly on one or the other, which forces me to run and be familiar with 4
DEs. (The extra ones are windows & Mac OSX).

If compatibility was applied consistently, then the choice of DE is an
aesthetic one rather than being forced by desired functionality, and the
defaults in each environment are just defaults not constraints.

Effort put into compatibility is more productive than effort put into

And that would truly make openSuSE stand out!


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